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What are the translations for guide?

Chinese words for Guide

指南, 先导, 引导员, 引路.

Dutch words for Guide

sturen, gids, handleiding, begeleider, de weg wijzen, begeleiden, besturen, gidsen, leiding, handboek, gebruikershandleiding, leidraad, richtsnoer, reisgids, wegwijzer, leidsman, geleiden.

French words for Guide

mener, conduire, diriger, indication, aider, conseiller, guider, manuel, indicateur.

German words for Guide

leiten, Begleiten, beraten, Anhaltspunkt, lenken, Anleitung, Orientierung, lotsen, anleiten, Guide, Führer, Handbuch, leiden, Orientierungshilfe, Richtschnur, Leitfaden, Reiseführer, Reiseleiter, Fremdenführer, Wegweiser, Reiseführerin, Fremdenführerin, Reiseleiterin, Lenker, Lotse, Brevier, Führerin, Lenkerin, Cicerone, Manual.

Italian words for Guide

manuale, guida, vademecum.

Japanese words for Guide

案内, 導く, 道案内, 案内役, 案内者, 指導者, 手引き書, 導, 道標, 總覽, 先達, ひきまわす, みちあんない, 啓迪, みちびきて, 総覧, 上首, そうらん, みちしるべ, 引回す, 訓迪, 目あて, ほうこうづける, 階程, てびきしょ, かいてい, 導き手, くんてき, あんない, けいてき, みちびく, 道芝, しどうしゃ, 階梯.

Polish words for Guide

przewodnik, prowadnica.

Portuguese words for Guide

acompanhar, conduzir, referência, condutor, orientador, roteiro, guião.

Russian words for Guide

гид, путеводитель, проводник, экскурсовод, направляющая.

Spanish words for Guide

indicador, dirigir, modelo, conducir, guía, guiar, ejemplo, orientar, gobernar, consejero, instruir, escoltar.