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What is the definition of bend?

  1. A curve, an angle, a turn.

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What are the translations for bend?

Arabic word for Bend


Chinese words for Bend

弯, 弯管, 翘曲, 拐弯处, 挠曲, 哈腰, 拳曲, 弯曲.

Dutch words for Bend

draai, buigen, bukken, verbuigen, krommen.

French words for Bend

céder, tournant, pencher, tourner, courber, plier, fléchir, tordre, coude, virage, courbe, pli, ployer, faire ployer.

German words for Bend

abknicken, Bogen, Kurve, sich biegen, biegen, verbiegen, Biegung, abbiegen, knicken, Einbuchtung, Windung, abwinkeln, umbiegen, sich krümmen, krümmen, anwinkeln, sich wölben, verkrümmen, Biege, Kehre, Knick, Beuge, Wegbiegung, Krümmung, Knie, Knickstelle.

Greek word for Bend


Hindi word for Bend


Italian words for Bend

flettere, piegarsi, chinarsi, distorcere, piegare.

Japanese words for Bend

曲げる, 曲がり, 曲がる, 反らせる, 折り曲げる, たわみ, いがみ, まがる, まげる, かがまる, 曲る, おりまげる, へしまげる, そらせる, 撓む, 撓る, こごまる, 撓み, こごめる, ゆがめる, たわむ, そる, ゆが, 屈まる, 皺曲, 撓める, 橈む, 反らす, 靡く, かたむける, まがり.

Javanese word for Bend


Korean word for Bend

굽은 부분.

Malay word for Bend


Marathi word for Bend


Norwegian word for Bend


Polish words for Bend

łuk, zgięcie, gięcie, wygięcie.

Portuguese words for Bend

virar, dobrar, curvar, dobra, distorcer, dobrar-se, vergar, inflectir, arquear, dobramento.

Romanian word for Bend


Russian words for Bend

покоряться, загиб, вираж.

Spanish words for Bend

someter, banda, curvatura, curva, recodo, doblar, torcer, pliegue, doblez, inclinar, agacharse, doblarse, encorvamiento, gaza, flexionar, doblegar.

Swedish word for Bend


Turkish word for Bend


Vietnamese word for Bend

chỗ cong.