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What are the rhymes for agree?

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  2. adee, achee, alee, ac, abee, albee;
  3. absentee, adoree, amputee, addressee, abt, adoptee, amc;
  4. knbc, geac, hnat, interviewee, lapd, irit;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for agree?

Afrikaans word for Agree


Arabic word for Agree

يُوافِقُ عَلَى.

Chinese words for Agree

商定, 订, 肯, 洽, 荅, 潝, 投合.

French words for Agree

convenir, correspondre, approuver, accepter, consentir, acquiescer, concorder, s'accorder, être d’accord.

German words for Agree

einwilligen, zustimmen, billigen, vereinbaren, sich einigen, einverstanden sein, sich einig sein, einig werden, abmachen, kongruieren.

Greek word for Agree


Hindi word for Agree


Italian word for Agree


Japanese words for Agree

賛する, とりきめる, うなずく, 同ずる, 頷く, 肯く, 首を縦に振る, 取決める, 取り極める, 首肯く, 取り決める, 同じる, 点頭く, アグリ, アグリー, 取極める, うなづく, どうずる, 讃する, どうじる, くびをたてにふる, 賛成する.

Javanese word for Agree


Korean word for Agree


Malay word for Agree


Marathi word for Agree


Norwegian word for Agree


Polish words for Agree

uzgodnić, zgodzić się, zgadzać się, porozumieć się.

Portuguese words for Agree

aquiescer, aprovar, anuir, estar de acordo, convir.

Romanian word for Agree

a fi de acord.

Spanish words for Agree

corresponder, acordar, reconocer, aceptar, estar de acuerdo, concordar, asentir, combinar, aceitar, pactar, llegar a un acuerdo.

Swedish word for Agree

hålla med.

Tamil word for Agree


Turkish word for Agree


Ukrainian word for Agree


Vietnamese word for Agree

đồng ý.