How To Spell click?

Correct spelling: click

What is the definition of click?

  1. click repeatedly or uncontrollably, as of teeth

What does the abbreviation click mean?

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What are the usage examples for click?

  1. Just as she come out an' set down again, we heard the click o' the gate acrost at the corner house where the New People lived, an' it was the New Husband got home. – Friendship Village by Zona Gale

What are the rhymes for click?

  1. vik, quick, pick, wick, crick, dyk, strick, kick, klick, wik, mc, vick, nik, lick, tic, brick, flick, mick, glick, quik, wicke, frick, dic, chick, mic, nick, sick, vic, shtick, tick, ric, sic, bic, pik, stick, trick, schick, rick, pic, wyk, slick, dick, shick, nic, hick, thick, cwik, bric, knick, schtick;
  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;

What are the translations for click?

Dutch words for Click

knippen, tik, klik, klikken, muisklik, aanklikken, klakken.

French words for Click

cliquer, clic, claquer, claquement, se fermer rapidement, déclic.

German words for Click

Hemmung, knacken, schnappen, zuschnappen, Schnalzer, Klicken, Klick, klappern, Mausklick, Kilometer, Schnalzlaut, anklicken, klacken, klackern.

Italian words for Click

click, scatto.

Polish word for Click


Spanish words for Click

chasquear, pinchar, hacer clic, teclear, cliquear, chascar, piñonear, congeniar.