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Correct spelling: appear

Definition of appear:

  1. To come into view; to become visible; to come before; to be manifest; to be evident; to seem. See Apparent.

Common misspellings for appear:

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Quotes for appear:

  1. Never invoke the gods unless you really want them to appear. It annoys them very much.
  2. I am really a very shy person. If I appear, it is because of the music, not because I want to be seen.
  3. Europe to me is young people trying to appear middle -aged and middle -aged people trying to appear young.
  4. I don't want to appear hostile, like I'm hostile to L. A. or that I feel that the people don't appreciate jazz. I don't think it's that. I think it's something more. It's something a little bit more complicated than that.
  5. Lots of colors appear when you're working with other people.

Rhymes for appear:

  1. mear, cleere, speir, cyr, mir, fear, vere, peer, shear, here, tear, speer, jeer, fier, meir, beer, veer, sheer, gere, sere, bere, sphere, lear, greer, we're, teer, leer, kear, clear, near, cheer, mere, rear, blear, wier, stear, steer, fleer, neer, sneer, frere, deer, kier, dear, hear, gier, nir, smear, sear, gear, spear, pier, year, shere, geer, ear, deere;
  2. yasir, rehear, cashier, frontier, zahir, severe, wazir, zaire, lazear, premiere, dornier, inhere, premier, sincere, vizier, amir, career, lanier, samir, veneer, sameer, rainier, adhere, shamir, unclear, emir, austere, revere;
  3. pioneer, domineer, brigadier, chandelier, profiteer, financier, volunteer, overhear, racketeer, disappear, charpentier, chevalier, commandeer, gondolier, mutineer, bandolier, bombardier, pamphleteer, souvenir, interfere, rensselaer, reappear, auctioneer, persevere, insincere, cavalier, belvedere, engineer;
  4. electioneer, reengineer, conventioneer;