How to Pronounce appear?

Correct pronunciation for the word "appear" is [ɐpˈi͡ə], [ɐpˈi‍ə], [ɐ_p_ˈiə].

"Appear" in context

Appear can refer to an act of coming into view or becoming visible. We often appear in front of people when we enter a room, work at a job, or join our community. We can appear in a different form, whether it be physically where our body is present or digitally such as through a video call or a photograph. Appearing can be a form of communication. It can allow us to express ourselves and our ideas to others. It can also be used to showcase our accomplishments or our artistic works. Appear can also be used in the context of illusion or magic, where something appears out of seemingly thin air.

What are similar-sounding words for appear?


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