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How To Spell exhibit?

Correct spelling: exhibit

Definition of exhibit:

  1. something shown to the public; "the museum had many exhibits of oriental art"

List of misspellings for exhibit:

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Exhibit 13

Exhibit A


2007 film

Exhibit A is a 2007 British independent psychological thriller film directed by Dom Rotheroe and produced by Darren Bender for Warp Films.

Exhibit F

Musical group

Spokane Convention Center


Convention center in Spokane, Washington

Spokane Convention Center is the primary convention center in Spokane, Washington, in the northwest United States, and consists of two interconnected buildings along the south bank of the Spokane River in downtown Spokane.

The Exhibit of American Negroes


The Exhibit of American Negroes was a sociological display within the Palace of Social Economy at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris. The exhibit was a joint effort between Daniel Murray, the Assistant Librarian of Congress, Thomas J. Calloway, a lawyer and the primary organizer of the exhibit, and W.E.B. Du Bois.

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Rhymes for exhibit:

  1. inhibit, prohibit;

Translations for exhibit:

Afrikaans word for Exhibit


Arabic word for Exhibit


Chinese words for Exhibit

展出, 表现出.

Dutch words for Exhibit

tentoonstelling, expositie, vertoning, bewijsstuk.

French words for Exhibit

exposer, montrer, exhiber.

German words for Exhibit

ausstellen, Ausstellung, einreichen, darlegen, zeigen, Exposition, aufweisen, Exponat, Ausstellungsstück, vorweisen, vorzeigen, Ausstellungsgegenstand, Asservat.

Greek word for Exhibit


Hindi word for Exhibit


Italian words for Exhibit

esposizione, esibizione, reperto, manifestare.

Japanese words for Exhibit

出展, 出品, 陳列品, ていしゅつぶつ, 提出物, 催し物, 出品物, 展観, もようしもの, しゅっぴん, もよおしもの, 催物, しゅっぴんぶつ, 展, ちんれつひん.

Javanese word for Exhibit


Korean word for Exhibit


Malay word for Exhibit


Norwegian word for Exhibit


Polish word for Exhibit


Portuguese words for Exhibit

ter, exibir, estande, possuir, apresentar, expressar, mostra, demonstrar, prova, expor, testemunho, explicitar, parecer ter, exibir publicamente, patentear, apresentar como prova, objeto exposto, objeto em exposição.

Russian words for Exhibit

выставка, экспозиция, показ.

Spanish words for Exhibit

presentar, mostrar, exhibir, demostrar, exponer, prueba, documento, revelar, muestra, manifestar, de exposición, de exposiciones, exprimir, desvelar, ostentar, denotar, evidenciar, de exhibición.

Tamil word for Exhibit


Turkish word for Exhibit


Ukrainian word for Exhibit


Vietnamese word for Exhibit

triển lãm.