How To Spell document?

Correct spelling: document

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What is the definition of document?

  1. support with evidence; "Can you document your claims?"

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What are the translations for document?

Arabic word for Document


Chinese words for Document

书, 公文, 文献.

French words for Document

document, prouver, consigner, documenter, papiers, belge.

German words for Document

Unterlage, Beleg, Akte, dokumentieren, Urkunde, Dokument, Schrift, Papier, verbriefen, Handelspapier, Text, Aktenstück.

Greek word for Document


Hindi word for Document


Japanese words for Document

文書, ドキュメント, 書面, 資料, 文献, ぶんけん.

Malay word for Document


Russian words for Document

задокументировать, документировать.

Spanish words for Document

documento, documentar.

Ukrainian word for Document


Vietnamese word for Document

tài liệu.