How To Spell dispute?

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What are the rhymes for dispute?

  1. brute, hoot, chute, boot, knute, suit, mute, jute, coot, shoot, huette, scoot, shute, butte, cute, newt, fruit, toot, moot, truitt, route, stroot, boote, flute, brut, bute, loot, root, lute;
  2. impute, astute, pursuit, permute, recruit, pollute, minute, commute, reroute, cahoot, dilute, compute, acute, beirut, salute, refute, repute, uproot;
  3. disrepute, subacute;

What are the translations for dispute?

Afrikaans word for Dispute


Arabic word for Dispute


French words for Dispute

contestation, contester, conflit, dispute, discuter, controversé, querelle, litige, rebâtir, contentieux, algarade.

German words for Dispute

Streitfrage, Streitfall, anfechten, bestreiten, absprechen, abstreiten, Streit, Auseinandersetzung, Disput, diskutieren, streiten, Gerangel, Streitsache, Debatte, Wortwechsel, Streitigkeit, Konflikt, Zwist, Wortstreit, Zwistigkeit, Polemik, disputieren, ausdiskutieren.

Italian words for Dispute

conflitto, contesa, vertenza, contestazione.

Japanese words for Dispute

紛争, 係争, 口論, もめごと, 抗争, こうろん, いいあう, こうそう, ろんそう, 言い争う, 押し問答, ふうは, そうろん, 言い合う, 揉める, あらそいごと, 揉め, こうぜつのあらそい, 繋争, 論じ合う, ぎろん, 論, 揉事.

Javanese word for Dispute


Malay word for Dispute


Polish words for Dispute

spór, awantura, scysja, zatarg, polemika.

Portuguese words for Dispute

conflito, briga, litígio, discussão, desacordo, contencioso, confronto, contenda, controvérsia, diferendo, querela, desentendimento, polémica.

Romanian word for Dispute


Spanish words for Dispute

disputar, discutir, disputa, procedimiento, negar, contestar, controversia, conflicto, impugnar, contienda, enfrentamiento, desacuerdo, discrepancia, pugna, diferencias, altercado, reñir.

Swedish words for Dispute

lite, tvist.

Turkish word for Dispute


Ukrainian word for Dispute