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How To Spell cross?

Correct spelling: cross

Definition of cross:

  1. marking consisting of crossing lines

List of misspellings for cross:

  • crugs,
  • curiois,
  • criss,
  • acrross,
  • crossd,
  • wross,
  • cros,
  • aross,
  • lacross,
  • gorss,
  • corols,
  • growss,
  • crores,
  • crasy,
  • sross,
  • curyus,
  • kriss,
  • cousr,
  • cjose,
  • grosey,
  • crosage,
  • crious,
  • curess,
  • crosshairs,
  • crohn's,
  • crissi,
  • croses,
  • cruios,
  • arosse,
  • coruce,
  • cryes,
  • coureous,
  • acrosee,
  • crouse,
  • grose,
  • corus,
  • coss,
  • pross,
  • coruse,
  • arcross,
  • craons,
  • acreoss,
  • accrosss,
  • grosry,
  • acrooss,
  • ckass,
  • graohs,
  • carss,
  • acrrosse,
  • georous,
  • courous,
  • creas,
  • crsuh,
  • crisus,
  • corss,
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  • casos,
  • cupress,
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  • crevass,
  • juros.

What does the abbreviation cross mean?


Cross as a girl's name.

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Golden Cross


South Korean television series

Golden Cross is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Kim Kang-woo, Lee Si-young, Um Ki-joon, Han Eun-jung and Jeong Bo-seok. It aired on KBS2 from April 9 to June 19, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 for 20 episodes.

Matsushima Cross

Record producer

New Cross, London, England


New Cross is an area of south east London, England, 4.5 miles south-east of Charing Cross in the London Borough of Lewisham and the SE14 postcode district.

Ronald Cross


British Politician

Sir Ronald Hibbert Cross, 1st Baronet, KCMG, KCVO, PC was a British politician and diplomat.

Southern Cross railway station


Railway station

Southern Cross railway station is a major railway station in Docklands, Melbourne. It is on Spencer Street, between Collins and La Trobe Streets, at the western edge of the central business district.

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This graph shows how "cross" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for cross:

  1. joss, poss, cros, moss, ploss, los, dos, coss, yoss, oss, soss, noss, boss, toss, loss, cos, fross, koss, goss, pross, sauce, dross, bloss, voss, ros, gloss, doss;
  2. emboss, across, lacrosse, exhausts, amoss, recross;

Translations for cross:

Arabic word for Cross


Bengali word for Cross


Chinese word for Cross


Dutch words for Cross

kruis, kruising, kruisen, oversteken, dwarsbomen, dwarsliggen, boos, geërgerd, steek, overschrijden, dwarszitten, humeurig.

French words for Cross

traverser, parcourir, centre, franchir, bravo, contrarier, croix, croisement, énervé, croiser, barrer, hybride, sillonner, croisés, réciproque.

German words for Cross

passieren, Mischung, leiden, arg, Flanke, Kreuz, Kreuzung, durchkreuzen, quer, kreuzen, durchqueren, Zwischending, schief, transversal, sich kreuzen, queren, überkreuzen, querschreiben, Kreuzzeichen, Grabkreuz, Flankenball, Mittelding.

Greek word for Cross


Italian words for Cross

croce, incrocio, imbronciato.

Japanese words for Cross

クロス, 十字架, 十字, 十文字, またぐ, 跨ぐ, 交わす, 差し交わす, 架かる, 折衷, さしかわす, 突っきる, じゅうじか, じゅうじけい, じゅうもんじ, せっちゅう, クロース, 差交す, よぎる, 過る, 突っ切る, こうざつしゅ, じゅうじ, 交す, 差交わす, こえる, 折中, 十字形, つっきる, 交雑種.

Javanese word for Cross


Korean word for Cross

화가 난.

Malay word for Cross


Norwegian word for Cross


Polish words for Cross

krzyż, rozgniewany.

Portuguese words for Cross

ultrapassar, atravessar, mistura, marcar com uma cruz, cruzamento, crucifixo, hibridação.

Romanian word for Cross


Russian words for Cross

крест, крестик.

Spanish words for Cross

Cruce, pasar, atravesar, recorrer, traspasar, salvar, cruzar, mezcla, cancelar, cortar, enojado, enfadado, cruz, crucifijo, cruzarse, contrariar.

Tamil word for Cross