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What are the rhymes for dare?

  1. care, glare, clair, gehr, rare, eyre, pear, skare, terre, blair, spare, bair, snare, sayre, derr, lare, mair, fer, baer, claire, bear, faire, stair, heir, hare, lehr, bare, swear, wear, their, fare, bahr, sare, air, maire, hehr, mare, ne'er, tear, cher, ferre, blare, hair, lair, fair, prayer, scare, pair, darr, ware, gare, err, gair, kehr, guerre, share, herr, there, where, mer, they're, werre, khmer, pare, nair, square, chair, flair, stare, clare, serr, flare;
  2. despair, repair, sinclair, aware, compare, astaire, abair, unfair, impair, prepare, mcnair, adaire, montclair, pierre, affair, alair, comair, dispair, moliere, declare, allaire, forswear, ensnare, beware, voltaire, o'hare, adair, midair, belair, swissair;
  3. questionnaire, javier, millionaire, billionaire, aer, unaware, icelandair, disrepair, doctrinaire, debonair, solitaire, usair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for dare?

Afrikaans word for Dare


Arabic word for Dare


Chinese word for Dare


Dutch words for Dare

uitdaging, uitdagen, durven, aandurven.

French words for Dare

oser, aventurer.

German words for Dare

Herausforderung, herausfordern, wagen, riskieren, Mut haben, den Mut aufbringen, Mutprobe, Wagnis, trotzen, sich an wagen, sich trauen, sich zutrauen.

Greek word for Dare


Hindi word for Dare


Italian word for Dare


Japanese word for Dare


Javanese word for Dare


Korean word for Dare

감히 ...하다.

Malay word for Dare


Norwegian word for Dare


Polish words for Dare

ośmielać się, odważyć się, mieć odwagę, ośmielić się, wyzwać, wyzywać, śmieć.

Portuguese words for Dare

ousar, atrever-se.

Romanian word for Dare

a îndrăzni.

Spanish words for Dare

desafío, desafiar, retar, atreverse, osar, animarse, arriesgarse.

Swedish word for Dare


Turkish word for Dare


Ukrainian word for Dare


Vietnamese word for Dare