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How To Spell dare?

Correct spelling: dare

Definition of dare:

  1. a challenge to do something dangerous or foolhardy; "he could never refuse a dare"

List of misspellings for dare:

  • diarreaha,
  • boudary,
  • diareoh,
  • natyre,
  • darck,
  • dafe,
  • dtrew,
  • udere,
  • drerey,
  • darm,
  • draer,
  • direhhea,
  • tjere,
  • dane,
  • detore,
  • deanry,
  • yeare,
  • darger,
  • diareah,
  • diarheoa,
  • dure,
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  • dairey,
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  • ttrue,
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  • garae.

What does the abbreviation dare mean?

Related words for dare

Dare not to sleep



"Dare not to sleep" is a poem written by Arnulf Øverland. The poem was first published in the magazine Samtiden in 1936, and included in the poetry collection Den Røde Front from 1937.

Dare to Love


Album by Jimmy Somerville

Dare to Love is the 1995 second solo album by Jimmy Somerville, former lead singer of the synthpop groups Bronski Beat and The Communards.

Dare Wilson


British officer

Major General Ronald Dare Wilson, CBE, MC was a senior British Army officer, author, and park warden. He was decorated during World War II, commanded 22 Special Air Service Regiment in the early 1960s and ended his military career as Director of Army Aviation.

Joseph Dare


Joseph Dare was an Australian Wesleyan Church leader. A native of Dorsetshire, England, Dare emigrated to South Australia when a youth. Possessed of a noble presence, and favored with a magnificent voice, he was a very attractive preacher. He was as useful as he was popular.

Sylvia Day


American-Japanese writer

Sylvia June Day is a Japanese American writer of romance novels. She also writes under the pseudonyms S.J. Day and Livia Dare. She is a number one bestselling author in 28 countries.

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Rhymes for dare:

  1. care, glare, clair, gehr, rare, eyre, pear, skare, terre, blair, spare, bair, snare, sayre, derr, lare, mair, fer, baer, claire, bear, faire, stair, heir, hare, lehr, bare, swear, wear, their, fare, bahr, sare, air, maire, hehr, mare, ne'er, tear, cher, ferre, blare, hair, lair, fair, prayer, scare, pair, darr, ware, gare, err, gair, kehr, guerre, share, herr, there, where, mer, they're, werre, khmer, pare, nair, square, chair, flair, stare, clare, serr, flare;
  2. despair, repair, sinclair, aware, compare, astaire, abair, unfair, impair, prepare, mcnair, adaire, montclair, pierre, affair, alair, comair, dispair, moliere, declare, allaire, forswear, ensnare, beware, voltaire, o'hare, adair, midair, belair, swissair;
  3. questionnaire, javier, millionaire, billionaire, aer, unaware, icelandair, disrepair, doctrinaire, debonair, solitaire, usair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for dare:

Afrikaans word for Dare


Arabic word for Dare


Chinese word for Dare


Dutch words for Dare

uitdaging, uitdagen, durven, aandurven.

French words for Dare

oser, aventurer.

German words for Dare

Herausforderung, herausfordern, wagen, riskieren, Mut haben, den Mut aufbringen, Mutprobe, Wagnis, trotzen, sich an wagen, sich trauen, sich zutrauen.

Greek word for Dare


Hindi word for Dare


Italian word for Dare


Japanese word for Dare


Javanese word for Dare


Korean word for Dare

감히 ...하다.

Malay word for Dare


Norwegian word for Dare


Polish words for Dare

ośmielać się, odważyć się, mieć odwagę, ośmielić się, wyzwać, wyzywać, śmieć.

Portuguese words for Dare

ousar, atrever-se.

Romanian word for Dare

a îndrăzni.

Spanish words for Dare

desafío, desafiar, retar, atreverse, osar, animarse, arriesgarse.

Swedish word for Dare


Turkish word for Dare


Ukrainian word for Dare


Vietnamese word for Dare