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How To Spell pare?

Correct spelling: pare

Definition of pare:

  1. remove the edges from; "pare one's fingernails"; "trim the photograph"

List of misspellings for pare:

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What does the abbreviation pare mean?

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Alphonse Paré


Alphonse-Arthur "Al" Paré was a Canadian mining engineer.

Jean-Guy Paré



Jean-Guy Paré is a Quebec politician, he is the former Mayor of Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets from 2008 to 2013, he previously served as the member for Lotbinière in the Quebec National Assembly as a member of the Parti Québécois from 1994 until 2003.



Filipino sitcom

Parekoy is a Filipino television sitcom on ABS-CBN. Parekoy is about the misadventures of friends Jess, Joseph and Mario and how they think up ingenuous ways to help people in need.



River in France

The Siagne is a river that flows through the Var and Alpes-Maritimes departments of southeast France. For much of its length, it forms the border between the two departments.

Tunel i Parë



Tunel i Parë or Prvi Tunel is a settlement in the municipality of Mitrovica in the District of Mitrovica, Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, it has 1,006 inhabitants.

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Quotes for pare:

  1. Rewriting is a large part of the whole job. And get rid of stuff that's not working. Just pare it down until it's a beautiful thing you can hand in, probably late, to your editor.
  2. It was nice, though, to have the long term benefit to be able to pare away those things and eventually make the character my own and put my own unique stamp.
  3. I have learned to pare down what I do and still be effective and strong in a role.

Rhymes for pare:

  1. lair, gair, care, there, chair, fair, rare, clare, stare, cher, baer, kehr, share, hare, blare, lehr, skare, terre, wear, lare, werre, their, hair, scare, square, they're, ware, mare, nair, glare, eyre, flair, derr, stair, ferre, prayer, flare, herr, clair, bair, mair, maire, faire, swear, dare, blair, claire, air, bahr, khmer, serr, sare, heir, snare, fer, ne'er, darr, hehr, where, fare, spare, gehr, guerre, sayre, bare, bear, pair, err, gare, tear, pear, mer;
  2. forswear, despair, sinclair, repair, adair, impair, alair, beware, compare, astaire, adaire, prepare, o'hare, affair, voltaire, dispair, declare, aware, mcnair, midair, comair, swissair, pierre, moliere, ensnare, allaire, belair, montclair, unfair, abair;
  3. doctrinaire, billionaire, icelandair, usair, millionaire, solitaire, aer, questionnaire, unaware, disrepair, javier, debonair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for pare:

Afrikaans word for Pare


French words for Pare

parer, paré.

Hindi word for Pare


Japanese word for Pare


Korean word for Pare

껍질을 벗기다.

Romanian word for Pare


Russian word for Pare


Tamil word for Pare


Turkish word for Pare


Ukrainian word for Pare


Vietnamese word for Pare

lột vỏ.