How To Spell contract?

Correct spelling: contract

What is the definition of contract?

  1. To shorten; to become reduced in size.

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What are the translations for contract?

Arabic word for Contract


Chinese words for Contract

合同, 签约, 承包, 约契, 缩紧, 协议书, 聘书.

Dutch words for Contract

overeenkomst, contract, samentrekken, oplopen, aannemen, opdracht, arbeidsovereenkomst.

French words for Contract

contracter, attraper, se contracter, se resserrer, contractuel, contrat.

German words for Contract

Vertrag, vereinbaren, schwinden, schrumpfen, sich zusammenziehen, einen Vertrag abschließen, sich mit infizieren.

Greek word for Contract


Italian words for Contract

contratto, appalto.

Japanese words for Contract

契約, 約定, コントラクト, 請け負う, 建, 請負う, けいやく, 建て, ちじむ, 痙る, やくじょう, すぼまる, うけおう, 攣る, 縮む, 窄む, 窄まる, ちぢかむ, つぼまる, 縮かむ, せばまる, ちぢむ, すぼむ.

Korean word for Contract


Malay word for Contract


Marathi word for Contract


Polish words for Contract

umowa, kontrakt.

Russian words for Contract

контракт, договорный, подряд, заказ на убийство, контрактный.

Spanish words for Contract

establecer, comprometerse, contratar, adquirir, concertar, contraer, coger, contrato, tomar, reducir, entablar, contraerse.

Tamil word for Contract


Turkish word for Contract


Ukrainian word for Contract


Vietnamese word for Contract

hợp đồng.