How To Spell control?

Correct spelling: control

What is the definition of control?

  1. exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces"

What does the abbreviation control mean?

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What are the rhymes for control?

  1. stroll, stole, seoul, pole, kohl, nohl, noell, ohl, droll, knoll, foal, scroll, rolle, kole, troll, coal, roll, mole, buol, stol, hole, boll, sole, wohl, thole, kol, sol, poll, role, sohl, colle, bowl, pohl, whole, tole, shoal, dole, sowle, cole, nole, rol, goal, toll, noll, dhole, skoal, bole, roehl, soul;
  2. patrol, nicolle, console, nicole, enroll, extol, ecole, pistole, ole, cajole, unroll, parole, viole;
  3. self-control, decontrol;

What are the translations for control?

Arabic word for Control


Bengali word for Control


Dutch words for Control

regeling, bediening, controleren, besturing, beheersing, bedwang, beheersen, bedwingen, bewaking, toezicht, leiding, beheer, zeggenschap, regelen, aansturing, in toom houden, in de hand houden.

French words for Control

diriger, surveillance, surveiller, commande, dominer, pouvoir, contrôle, conter, domination, dompter, retenue, piloter, commander, commandes, mainmise.

German words for Control

Ansteuerung, Kontrolle, leiten, Regelung, Leitung, Aufsicht, Bedienung, regeln, lenken, kontrollieren, Gewalt, steuern, regulieren, ansteuern, Steuerung, Herrschaft, im Griff haben, zähmen, bezwingen, Regulierung, Lenkung, Schalter, regulär, Bewirtschaftung, Controlling, beaufsichtigen, Bekämpfung, Beherrschung, Regler, Kontrollelement, Bedienungselement, Fuchtel, Einstellknopf, unter Kontrolle halten, bändigen, bezähmen, Cargo.

Hindi word for Control


Italian word for Control


Korean word for Control


Malay word for Control


Marathi word for Control


Polish words for Control

kontrola, regulacja, sterowanie.

Portuguese words for Control

comandar, gerir, refrear, reger, controlo, fiscalização, de comando, estar no comando de, ter influência sobre, nortear, exercer controlo sobre.

Spanish words for Control

examinar, control, dirigir, manejar, controlar, verificar, administrar, dominar, guiar, contener, cuidar, mando, de control, mandar, gobernar, regulador, restringir, limitar, moderar, de mandos, llevar las riendas de, regularizar.

Swedish word for Control


Turkish word for Control


Ukrainian word for Control


Vietnamese word for Control

sự kiểm soát.