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Correct spelling: energy

Common misspellings for energy:

anergy, enger, enagy, engry.


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This graph shows how "energy" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for energy:

  1. A great energy had to be brought to the work. –  by
  2. I felt that it only needed a little energy and in a few hours I too might be floating among those jelly- fish, in the shadow of the cliffs of the legend- surrounded island. –  by
  3. And now Ranny's soul and all his energy were set upon the one aim of raising money for his divorce. –  by

Quotes for energy:

  1. A man must drive his energy, not be driven by it.
  2. The collective energy of everyone is what really made Business 2. 0 exciting.
  3. When we started off it was all nervous energy and we probably played everything twice as fast as we do now.
  4. The more energy -efficient we become as a nation, the less we need to develop additional energy sources.
  5. We are living in a new age of energy supply anxiety.