How To Spell controller?

Correct spelling: controller

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What are the quotes for controller?

  1. The primary symptom of a controller is denial, that is I can't see its symptoms in myself.

What are the rhymes for controller?

  1. polar, moeller, stroller, solar, kohler, toller, koehler, oler, soler, tolar, molar, roller;
  2. bowler, coler, bolar;
  3. comptroller, bipolar;

What are the translations for controller?

Afrikaans word for Controller


Arabic word for Controller


Dutch words for Controller

beheerder, regelaar.

French words for Controller

contrôler, contrôleur, responsable, manette.

German words for Controller

Steuerung, Kontrolleur, Aufseher, Leiter, Lenker, Regler, Controller, Disponent, Revisor, Administrator, Intendant, Steuergerät, Steuereinheit, Kontroller, Steuerbaustein, Überwacher, Steuerschalter, Regelvorrichtung, Steuereinrichtung, Kontrollschaltkreis, Steuerteil.

Greek word for Controller


Italian words for Controller

controllore, controllo, regolatore.

Japanese words for Controller

コントローラ, コントローラー, 制御部, 制御機, 制御装置, 制御器, せいぎょそうち, せいぎょぶ, せいぎょき.

Korean word for Controller


Malay word for Controller


Polish words for Controller

sterownik, Regulator, kontroler.

Russian words for Controller

контроллер, регулятор.

Spanish words for Controller

control, director, mando, controlador, regulador, interventor, controladora, reguladora, interventora.

Tamil word for Controller


Turkish word for Controller


Vietnamese word for Controller

điều khiển.