How To Spell attendant?

Correct spelling: attendant

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What are the translations for attendant?

Afrikaans word for Attendant


Arabic word for Attendant


Chinese words for Attendant

attendancy, > 服务员.

Dutch words for Attendant

verzorger, begeleider, bewaker, medewerker, bediende, begeleidend, bijkomend, suppoost, medewerkster.

French word for Attendant


German words for Attendant

Aufseher, Assistent, Knecht.

Hindi word for Attendant


Italian words for Attendant

assistente, custode.

Japanese words for Attendant

アテンダント, 付添人, 参列者, 供, 付き添い, 従者, 付添い, つきもの, 警手, とぎ, 随行員, おとも, じしゃ, 家従, 随伴者, しいくいん, つきそいにん, 近臣, 飼育員, きんしん, きんじゅう, 付き者, 随員, おつき, 伽, 近侍, 伴, 御付き, じしん, かじゅう, つきびと, おみ, 付け人, 近習, 付き人, つきそい, 付添い人, 付き添い人, 係員.

Korean word for Attendant


Malay words for Attendant

Peserta, Kehadiran.

Polish word for Attendant


Russian words for Attendant

сопровождающее лицо, обслуживающий, санитар, служитель, дежурный.

Spanish words for Attendant

encargado, servidor.

Swedish word for Attendant


Turkish word for Attendant

Bu nedenle derse.

Ukrainian word for Attendant


Vietnamese word for Attendant