How To Spell attendance?

Correct spelling: attendance

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What is the definition of attendance?

  1. the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)

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What are the rhymes for attendance?

  1. dependence, transcendence, ascendance;
  2. independence;
  3. interdependence;

What are the translations for attendance?

Afrikaans word for Attendance


Arabic word for Attendance


Bengali word for Attendance

পরিচর্যা করা.

French words for Attendance

participation, présence, spectateurs, assiduité, affluence.

German words for Attendance

Behandlung, Begleitung, Wartung, Bedienung, Beteiligung, Bereitschaft, Dienstleistung, Teilnahme, Besuch, Anwesenheit, Besucherzahl, Teilnehmerzahl, Aufwartung, Führung einer Anwesenheitsliste.

Greek word for Attendance


Italian word for Attendance


Japanese words for Attendance

出席, 勤怠, 出席者, 出頭, 来場, 入場者, 臨席, 参列, 列席, れっせき, 同列, 随伴, らいりん, 扈従, アテンド, ずいはん, 来会, よさん, 列座, さんれつ, 傍聴, しゅっし, らいちょう, れつざ, 出仕, こじゅう, どうれつ, 予参, 勤惰, らいかい, 来聴, きんたい, 来会者, りんせき, ちょうしゅう, らいじょう, らいば, にゅうじょうしゃ, しゅっせきしゃ.

Javanese word for Attendance


Korean word for Attendance


Malay word for Attendance


Marathi word for Attendance

उपस्थित राहा.

Norwegian word for Attendance


Polish words for Attendance

uczestnictwo, obecność, frekwencja, uczęszczanie, uczestniczenie.

Portuguese words for Attendance

acompanhamento, vigilância, presença, assiduidade, frequência, atendimento, comparecimento, comparência.

Romanian word for Attendance


Russian words for Attendance

посещаемость, присутствие, явка, присмотр, прислуга.

Spanish words for Attendance

asistencia, concurrencia, presencia, comparecencia, frecuentación.

Swedish word for Attendance


Tamil word for Attendance


Turkish word for Attendance


Ukrainian word for Attendance


Vietnamese word for Attendance

sự tham dự.