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How To Spell congregation?

Correct spelling: congregation

Definition of congregation:

  1. a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church

List of misspellings for congregation:

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Related words for congregation

Congregation Beth Jacob, Galveston


Synagogue in Galveston, Texas

Congregation Beth Jacob is a Conservative Jewish synagogue located in Galveston, Texas. The present synagogue was built by Austrian, Russian and Hungarian immigrants in 1931. The congregation is small, but still very active in the Galveston Community. It is currently led Rabbi Todd Doctor.

Elwood Talmud Torah Hebrew Congregation


Synagogue in Elwood, Australia

The Elwood Talmud Torah Hebrew Congregation, also known as Elwood Synagogue or Elwood Shule, is a historically significant Orthodox synagogue located in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.

Gardens Shul


Orthodox synagogue in Cape Town, South Africa

The Gardens Shul, formally, the Cape Town Hebrew Congregation, founded in 1841, located in the Cape Town Botanical Gardens, in the Gardens neighborhood of Cape Town, is the oldest Jewish congregation in South Africa.

Historic Congregation B'nai Abraham



Historic Congregation B’nai Abraham is a synagogue located in the Society Hill section of Center City Philadelphia. It is an active congregation with daily, Shabbat, and holy day services.

Tironensian order


Religious order

The Tironensian Order or the Order of Tiron was a medieval monastic order named after the location of the mother abbey in the woods of Tiron in Perche, some 35 miles west of Chartres in France.

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Examples of usage for congregation:

  1. In a short time, nearly 400, 000 men, providing their own clothing, receiving no pay, and enjoying no privileges, sprang up at a word- a noble congregation of citizens, united as one individual soul, ready to fight to the death as long as a Frenchman remained in arms on their native soil. – Won from the Waves by W.H.G. Kingston

Quotes for congregation:

  1. But I think it's up to a local congregation to determine whether or not a marriage should be blessed of God. And it shouldn't be up to the government.
  2. Ay, rail at gaming- 'tis a rich topic, and affords noble declamation. Go, preach against it in the city- you'll find a congregation in every tavern.
  3. My wife and I are affiliated with a temple here in Los Angeles. We feel very close to the congregation and to the rabbi, who happens to be my wife's cousin and who I admire greatly. I talk to him regularly but I consider myself more spiritual than religious.
  4. The earlier practice of the Church had been more or less to employ in worship under the presidency of the pastor or pastors, the gifts of the congregation.
  5. I am also actively involved in my church and its community activities. We have programs to improve the lives of our congregation and programs of outreach in the community.

Rhymes for congregation:

  1. confederation, categorization, modulation, consolation, proration, narration, delegation, affectation, conglomeration, transformation, corroboration, preservation, valuation, mediation, equalization, devaluation, vindication, isolation, speculation, gravitation, horatian, normalization, alienation, accumulation, coordination, generation, intimation, impersonation, optimization, optation, derivation, invocation, communization, conciliation, condensation, levitation, experimentation, inflammation, vacation, elaboration, prostration, vacillation, reverberation, indentation, toleration, configuration, agglomeration, augmentation, amalgamation, demodulation, stalinization, ionization, infiltration, deprivation, sarmatian, misidentification, installation, industrialization, classification, duplication, integration, solicitation, generalization, reiteration, indexation, publication, dalmatian, concatenation, constellation, expropriation, nondiscrimination, regimentation, desecration, frustration, reconfiguration, domestication, disinformation, nomination, characterization, glaciation, improvisation, creation, utilization, restoration, consultation, affirmation, education, facilitation, fluctuation, disqualification, expectation, miscalculation, compilation, insemination, immigration, harmonization, argumentation, democratization, popularization, segmentation, discontinuation, altercation, germination, westernization, remediation, assassination, aggravation, desperation, disinclination, irritation, fortification, degradation, repudiation, embarkation, unification, fertilization, repatriation, disorganization, interrogation, fibrillation, inflation, suburbanization, clarification, undervaluation, conjugation, denomination, defamation, depopulation, ministration, profanation, perspiration, disorientation, disembarkation, delineation, occupation, discrimination, importation, regeneration, admiration, calculation, liberalization, indignation, oscillation, affiliation, trepidation, denunciation, anticipation, incorporation, backwardation, revocation, foliation, culmination, misinformation, identification, amplification, dehumanization, documentation, codification, observation, mutilation, dedication, pollination, tribulation, cancellation, demarcation, limitation, dehydration, consummation, sanitation, inoculation, amelioration, dislocation, refrigeration, escalation, sedimentation, reclassification, hibernation, exploitation, fixation, incrustation, provocation, notation, revitalization, miseration, hydration, lactation, gentrification, gasification, syndication, preoccupation, nitration, deregulation, relocation, eradication, instigation, confirmation, temptation, misrepresentation, prefabrication, coronation, dilatation, rectification, advocation, amortization, triangulation, desalination, condemnation, denationalization, appropriation, gyration, explanation, annexation, fragmentation, fermentation, specification, gradation, concentration, hyperinflation, demoralization, glorification, proliferation, perforation, deviation, bifurcation, subluxation, sanctification, emanation, jubilation, falsification, exoneration, extermination, reconciliation, irrigation, naturalization, commendation, application, excavation, formulation, remuneration, avocation, centralization, situation, civilization, ramification, incrimination, deportation, cogitation, fluoridation, animation, affrication, exploration, reservation, hybridization, miscommunication, mitigation, obligation, variation, extrapolation, connotation, electrification, graduation, predestination, imagination, reinterpretation, decoration, violation, decentralization, inclination, determination, designation, nullification, coloration, mutation, motivation, ovation, infatuation, destabilization, emancipation, multiplication, strangulation, pasteurization, desegregation, reaffiliation, intonation, devastation, revelation, self-congratulation, privatisation, vegetation, liberation, immunization, allocation, distillation, monopolization, explication, organisation, contamination, reincarnation, sensation, miscreation, tabulation, information, collectivization, vaporization, corporation, modification, origination, echolocation, figuration, ratification, capitulation, implantation, irradiation, relation, inhabitation, participation, inhalation, indication, reaffirmation, litigation, reclamation, approximation, modernization, reputation, stagnation, destination, securitization, deceleration, maturation, annihilation, demonstration, incoordination, emulation, molestation, rotation, reallocation, vilification, summation, dissemination, deification, exfoliation, appreciation, ligation, justification, indemnification, consideration, lubrication, dictation, privation, russification, magnetization, neutralization, ossification, plantation, personalization, machination, gastrulation, manifestation, hospitalization, relaxation, magnification, transillumination, oration, conversation, exasperation, verification, cooperation, congratulation, reexamination, telecommunication, quantification, intimidation, notification, authentication, donation, termination, pronunciation, approbation, communication, migration, fabrication, divination, renegotiation, detonation, resuscitation, reflation, quotation, recalculation, criminalization, permutation, adoration, representation, subordination, recitation, authorization, simulation, orientation, confabulation, suffocation, exhilaration, granulation, misinterpretation, examination, renunciation, incapacitation, procrastination, saponification, pacification, cultivation, desalinization, compensation, depravation, liquidation, elimination, investigation, declaration, marginalization, segregation, flotation, starvation, titillation, revaluation, alteration, menstruation, croatian, excommunication, intensification, incarnation, transportation, simplification, perturbation, laceration, mineralization, libration, operation, alleviation, reformation, collaboration, substantiation, palpitation, population, imputation, visitation, mobilization, exhalation, reconsideration, stagflation, habitation, implication, allegation, dispensation, orchestration, rehydration, unionization, probation, disputation, recantation, salvation, visualization, meditation, cremation, stimulation, radiation, filtration, appellation, urbanization, flirtation, equitation, exclamation, premeditation, recuperation, aspiration, oxidation, dissociation, refutation, gestation, negotiation, politicization, legislation, procreation, proclamation, deforestation, rumination, decontamination, appalachian, recrimination, invalidation, hydrogenation, equivocation, rationalization, computation, regulation, deformation, ordination, overpopulation, victimization, maximization, conservation, separation, decertification, recommendation, specialization, constipation, redecoration, adulation, legalization, masturbation, certification, fascination, stabilization, exacerbation, ornamentation, elation, vaccination, subsidization, hesitation, innovation, evaluation, christianization, reauthorization, retardation, negation, commemoration, confrontation, ovulation, amputation, dissipation, saturation, automation, ventilation, stipulation, expatriation, agitation, consolidation, reforestation, reinvigoration, inspiration, validation, desiccation, pontification, privatization, colonization, moderation, manipulation, aviation, medication, articulation, nucleation, usurpation, combination, diversification, location, vibration, preparation, formation, dissertation, translation, obfuscation, respiration, crustacean, vocation, purification, evacuation, renomination, exhortation, evaporation, conflagration, taxation, realization, protestation, coagulation, federation, elongation, navigation, illustration, disinflation, mummification, demonization, damnation, depredation, computerization, expiration, contemplation, instrumentation, continuation, transplantation, degeneration, adjudication, deflation, rehabilitation, mechanization, differentiation, evocation, exaggeration, enumeration, elevation, consecration, consternation, domination, sequestration, misapplication, deliberation, detoxification, foundation, localization, perpetuation, edification, rededication, fumigation, reevaluation, polarization, infestation, confiscation, adaptation, pagination, illumination, sophistication, reunification, vulgarization, presentation, pressurization, interpretation, incantation, impregnation, arbitration, imitation, globalization, convocation, reorganization, implementation, rejuvenation, demobilization, invitation, incubation, punctuation, renovation, qualification, retaliation, registration, insubordination, overvaluation, ejaculation, celebration, correlation, initiation, gratification, personification, recertification, intoxication, nonproliferation, inauguration, calibration, cohabitation, indoctrination, complication, exhumation, hallucination, insinuation, precipitation, discoloration, propagation, replication, incarceration, duration, malformation, ostentation, reconfirmation, association, reparation, insulation, sterilization, dilation, miniaturization, inundation, decapitation, excitation, commercialization, socialization, prognostication, depreciation, organization, sedation, misappropriation, pigmentation, assimilation, humiliation, inactivation, standardization, balkanization, annotation, disintegration, nationalization, dramatization, emigration, desolation, resignation, corp, recreation, estimation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. cetacean, alsatian, causation, citation, cessation, castration, carnation;
  4. abrogation, aberration, activation, accusation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, acceleration, abbreviation, abomination, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for congregation:

Arabic word for Congregation


Bengali word for Congregation


Chinese word for Congregation

教堂 会众.

Dutch word for Congregation


German words for Congregation

Versammlung, Gemeinde, Ansammlung, Kongregation, Kirchengemeinde.

Greek word for Congregation


Hindi word for Congregation


Italian word for Congregation


Korean word for Congregation


Malay word for Congregation


Marathi word for Congregation


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Polish word for Congregation


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