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How To Spell court?

Correct spelling: court

Definition of court:

  1. respectful deference; "pay court to the emperor"

List of misspellings for court:

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courtier, court attendant; brave; land of the court
Court as a boy's name is a variant of Cort (English, Old German) and Courtland (Old English), and the meaning of Court is "courtier, court attendant; brave; land of the court".

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Quotes for court:

  1. I'll have you understand I am running this court, and the law hasn't got a damn thing to do with it!
  2. Soon after I returned to private practice, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger called me one day.
  3. I didn't attend any of the court proceedings.
  4. Justice Ginsburg is a very competent justice, and it is a joy to have her on the court, but particularly for me it is a pleasure to have a second woman on the court.
  5. I'm thrilled to have a completely new audience that I can get from Court TV, without it being my own trial. That was the only other way I would have gotten it.

Rhymes for court:

  1. report, resort, quart, import, swart, short, ct, support, escort, sort, stuart, port, ort, fort, forte, mort, wart, torte, bort, transport, porte, snort, ohrt, norte, dort, tort, purport, extort, foret, cort, exhort, boart, thwart, sport, kort;
  2. athwart, contort, comport, assort, abort, consort, distort, cavort, deport;
  3. misreport, teleport;
  4. underreport;

Translations for court:

Arabic word for Court


Bengali word for Court


Chinese words for Court

法院, 法庭, 朝廷, 球场, 审判庭, 谈恋爱.

Dutch words for Court

baan, binnenplaats, rechtbank, gerechtshof.

French words for Court

jugé, cour, rechercher, judiciaire, courtiser, tribunal, briguer.

German words for Court

Platz, Spielfeld, gerecht, Gericht, werben, Hof, Gerichtshof, Hofstaat, Fürstenhof, Hofraum, Terrain, Patio.

Greek word for Court


Hindi word for Court


Italian word for Court


Japanese words for Court

裁判所, 法院, ほういん, 言寄る, いいよる, さいばんしょ, 公判廷, 立法府, 言い寄る, りっぽうふ, こうはんてい, くどく, 禁中, きんちゅう, 法廷.

Javanese word for Court


Korean word for Court


Malay word for Court


Marathi word for Court


Polish words for Court

sąd, sądowy, boisko, dworski, sądowniczy.

Portuguese words for Court

quadra, pátio, juiz, tribunais, órgão jurisdicional, átrio.

Romanian word for Court


Russian words for Court

суд, корт, судебный, двор, дворцовый приём, ухаживание.

Spanish words for Court

solicitar, pista, procurar, buscar, corte, juzgado, cortejar, invitar, juez, foro, cancha, magistrado, palacio.

Swedish word for Court


Tamil word for Court


Turkish word for Court


Ukrainian word for Court