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How To Spell cost?

Correct spelling: cost

Definition of cost:

  1. be priced at; "These shoes cost $100"

List of misspellings for cost:

  • cos,
  • jocosta,
  • cbsto,
  • cnet,
  • custy,
  • cest,
  • komt,
  • lowcost,
  • cosovo,
  • caslt,
  • coused,
  • cloeset,
  • cosider,
  • goust,
  • cont,
  • cout,
  • coquest,
  • cst,
  • cosist,
  • justg,
  • couty,
  • jusat,
  • coson,
  • ocst,
  • conisit,
  • justu,
  • goost,
  • cowtow,
  • cosh,
  • castr,
  • causd,
  • uoset,
  • juust,
  • choseto,
  • cusody,
  • coyot,
  • causght,
  • coustem,
  • iost,
  • lostt,
  • coise,
  • cousty,
  • csot,
  • jusdt,
  • cosed,
  • castl,
  • neccssity,
  • carseat,
  • cozt,
  • juyst,
  • cusotm,
  • kost,
  • corest,
  • conset,
  • vosot,
  • cousan,
  • costto,
  • couz,
  • tojust,
  • casto,
  • custm,
  • ccity,
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  • most,
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  • sjust,
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  • casta,
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  • caset.

What does the abbreviation cost mean?

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Cost Recovery Corporation, based in Dayton, Ohio, is committed to assisting municipalities in their efforts to recoup the costs expended by their Safety Services Departments at “crashes”.

Count the Cost


Album by David Meece

Count The Cost was David Meece's sixth album.



Low-cost airline

Dobrolet LLC was a Russian low-cost airline based at Sheremetyevo International Airport and a subsidiary of Aeroflot. It operated scheduled flights to domestic destinations.

Kate Carnell


Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

Anne Katherine Carnell AO is an Australian businesswoman and former Liberal Party politician, who served as the third Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory from 1995 to 2000.

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Rhymes for cost:

  1. bost, bossed, kost, prost, rost, dost;

Translations for cost:

Afrikaans word for Cost


Arabic word for Cost


Bengali word for Cost


Chinese words for Cost

成本, 价款, 耗资.

Dutch words for Cost

prijs, kostprijs.

French words for Cost

estimer, prix, montant, frais, coût, coûter, chiffrer.

German words for Cost

Ausgabe, Kosten, Aufwand, veranschlagen, Charge, Preis, Unkosten, Spesen, Einkaufspreis.

Greek word for Cost


Hindi word for Cost


Italian words for Cost

valore, prezzo, importo, spesa, onere.

Japanese words for Cost

コスト, 費用, 値段, 代金, 費, もとね, ひよう, 元値, おだい, お代, 御代, 直段, ねだん, だいか, けいひ.

Javanese word for Cost


Korean word for Cost


Marathi word for Cost


Polish words for Cost

koszt, kos.

Portuguese words for Cost

custo, custar, despesa.

Romanian word for Cost


Spanish words for Cost

precio, valor, gasto, importe, estimar, gastos, costo, coste, costar, valer, cena.

Swedish word for Cost


Tamil word for Cost


Turkish word for Cost


Ukrainian word for Cost


Vietnamese word for Cost

chi phí.