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How To Spell gust?

Correct spelling: gust

Definition of gust:

  1. a strong current of air; "the tree was bent almost double by the gust"

List of misspellings for gust:

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What does the abbreviation gust mean?

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August Hellemans


Belgian soccer player

Auguste "Gust" Hellemans, was a Belgian footballer.

Cokato Museum & Gust Akerlund Studio



Cokato Museum & Gust Akerlund Studio is a local history museum in Cokato, Minnesota, United States, focused on the city of Cokato and the surrounding townships of southwest Wright County.

Gulf University for Science and Technology


Private university in Mubarak Al-Abdullah, Kuwait

Gulf University for Science & Technology is the first private university established in Kuwait. It has a dual-enrollment agreement with the University of Missouri–St. Louis.

Gust Brothers' Store


The Gust Brothers' Store is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. It is a fine example of an Italianate commercial style building, built in 1877-78 by August and William Gust for their meat market store.

Gust Lindstrom Farm


The Lindstrom/Wahl farm is an historic farmstead located to the south of the former community of Baillytown in Porter County, Indiana. It was started by Swedish immigrant Gustaf Lindstrom in 1870. Before 1900, Arthur Wahl obtained the property and developed most of the existing structures. The farm illustrates the prosperity of some of the early Swedish-American settlers. The residence was originally a two-room log cabin. As the families wealth increased, a larger residence was constructed around the log cabin and a barn added. This was after 1900. Like other Swedish farmers, the Wahls relied on an outside occupations for economic security. They continued to farm and began a nursery in the 1930s. Farmhouse - The house has two floor, each rectangular in shape. Later additions include; two porches and the summer kitchen on the back. The earlier log cabin is still within the current structure. The cabin had two rooms and is thought to be ahall & parlor design. The current residence built in the 1900s. The molded concrete block foundation supports a frame structure with lap siding and corner boards. The windows are double hung. The roof is a gable design.

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Quotes for gust:

  1. Each sudden gust of light explains itself as flames, but neither they, nor even bombs redoubled on the hills tonight can quite include me in their fear.
  2. One of my favorites is 'The Sound of Music'. When Julie Andrews runs through the hills singing her head off, I always wish that a gust of wind would blow her skirt up.
  3. There is a powerful need for people to feel that gust of hope rise up again.

Translations for gust:

Dutch words for Gust

windvlaag, windstoot, rukwind, vlaag.

French words for Gust

rafale, bourrasque, coup de vent.

German words for Gust

Windböe, Windbö.

Spanish words for Gust

soplo, racha, bocanada.