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How To Spell confusion?

Correct spelling: confusion

List of misspellings for confusion:

  • sonfusion,
  • confusuon,
  • confusinon,
  • constion,
  • converision,
  • concasion,
  • condution,
  • concousion,
  • confron,
  • confestion,
  • covention,
  • converasion,
  • confostion,
  • confusuin,
  • connetion,
  • confusoin,
  • confishon,
  • concusion,
  • confussion,
  • concosion,
  • confuesing,
  • confsion,
  • conestion,
  • confusen,
  • conssesion,
  • conccusion,
  • confusesion,
  • conlusion,
  • confotion,
  • confussen,
  • cunfusion,
  • convasation,
  • nofition,
  • confusioning,
  • conpassion,
  • cunfusing,
  • confusition,
  • condishion,
  • confusision,
  • confuusion,
  • cunfucian,
  • confuising,
  • convesion,
  • confetion,
  • cofusion,
  • confension,
  • confosion,
  • convition,
  • confuseion,
  • confsuion,
  • confenssion,
  • confusioon,
  • confusian,
  • contion,
  • condihsion,
  • conffussion,
  • confesion,
  • confiusion,
  • convrsion,
  • congesion,
  • confusionn,
  • confasation,
  • converion,
  • condision,
  • confushed,
  • confuion,
  • confuseing,
  • confuson,
  • contussion,
  • conersion,
  • confesions,
  • cinfusion,
  • conffesion,
  • convultion,
  • confunsion,
  • cofussion,
  • conchubushun,
  • confusious,
  • confition,
  • confusuion,
  • confaltion,
  • consesion,
  • concution,
  • tansfusion,
  • conuusion,
  • counfusing,
  • conversiom,
  • concoshion,
  • conufucian,
  • cufusion,
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  • cofession,
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  • conciusion,
  • confision,
  • comfusion,
  • confushon,
  • confesstion,
  • comfession,
  • infushion.

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A Confusion of Princes


Novel by Garth Nix

A Confusion of Princes is a young adult novel written as a standalone space opera by author Garth Nix. The book was published on May 15, 2012 by HarperCollins.

Confusion Hill Bridges



The Confusion Hill Bridges are a pair of high bridges carrying two lanes of U.S. Route 101 over the South Fork Eel River in Mendocino County in the U.S. state of California.

Confusion Na Wa


2013 film

Confusion Na Wa is a 2013 Nigerian dark comedy drama film directed by Kenneth Gyang, starring Ramsey Nouah, OC Ukeje, Ali Nuhu and Tunde Aladese. The title of the film was inspired by the lyrics of the late Afrobeat singer Fela Kuti's song "Confusion".

Confusion Range


Mountain range

The Confusion Range is a north-south trending mountain range in west-central Utah, United States. It is bounded by Snake Valley to the west, Tule Valley to the east, the Great Salt Lake Desert to the north, and the Ferguson Desert to the south.

Sound of Confusion


Studio album by Spacemen 3

Sound of Confusion is the first studio album by space rock group Spacemen 3, released in July 1986 on Glass Records. Three of the seven songs are cover versions; "Rollercoaster", originally by the 13th Floor Elevators, "Mary Anne" by Juicy Lucy and "Little Doll" by The Stooges.

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Translations for confusion:

Afrikaans word for Confusion


Arabic word for Confusion


French word for Confusion


German words for Confusion

Verschmelzung, Durcheinander, Chaos, Unordnung, Verwirrung, Verwechslung, Kuddelmuddel, Wirrwarr, Konfusion, Verwechselung, Verwirrtheit, Unübersichtlichkeit, Verwirrspiel, Wirren, Wirrnis, Vermengung, Gewirr, Trubel.

Greek word for Confusion


Hindi word for Confusion

भ्रम की स्थिति.

Italian word for Confusion


Japanese words for Confusion

混乱, 混同, 錯乱, 混迷, 昏迷, コンフュージョン, 動, 取込み, こんらん, 混線, 乱雑, 渾沌, 混雑, ふんらん, はちゃめちゃ, 取り込み, とまどい, わいざつ, ろうばい, 取り込み事, 雑駁, こんざつ, ごった, 紛乱, 雑然, とうわく, 猥雑, むちゃくちゃ, 紛れ, くるい, ゴタゴタ, 当惑, ふんぷん, ごたごた, むちつじょ, まぎれ, らんちょうし, こんどう, 乱脈.

Korean word for Confusion


Malay words for Confusion

Kekeliruan, Kebingungan.

Polish words for Confusion

zamieszanie, nieporozumienie, dezorientacja, zamęt, pomylenie, zakłopotanie, konsternacja.

Romanian word for Confusion


Russian words for Confusion

путаница, замешательство, растерянность.

Spanish words for Confusion

desorden, caos, desconcierto, turbación.

Swedish word for Confusion


Turkish word for Confusion


Ukrainian word for Confusion


Vietnamese word for Confusion

sự nhầm lẫn.