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How To Spell lust?

Correct spelling: lust

Definition of lust:

  1. Inclination; desire.

List of misspellings for lust:

  • leastr,
  • list,
  • leasat,
  • llist,
  • liist,
  • loost,
  • lostt,
  • neulasta,
  • justt,
  • lst,
  • leusemia,
  • lavista,
  • least3,
  • lusttuas,
  • ust,
  • louist,
  • lsten,
  • loest,
  • lisrt,
  • justu,
  • alost,
  • liquit,
  • must,
  • lasst,
  • oulest,
  • laast,
  • laste,
  • jusst,
  • alset,
  • cust,
  • lostr,
  • dlast,
  • clost,
  • jusat,
  • flest,
  • tlast,
  • fust,
  • nilist,
  • lasth,
  • yust,
  • laslty,
  • liguist,
  • leasrt,
  • juxt,
  • liste,
  • lunuti,
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  • juyst,
  • reulst,
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  • lleast,
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  • plust,
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  • lasty,
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  • lustre,
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  • luse,
  • laset.

What does the abbreviation lust mean?

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Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams


Studio album by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. The album is a concept album and was released through Virgin Records on May 21, 2013. Upon release, it peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 200.

Lust and Revenge


1996 film

Lust and Revenge is a 1996 film directed by Paul Cox. It was shot in South Australia.

Music Lust


Book by Nic Harcourt

Music Lust: Recommended Listening for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason is a book written by Nic Harcourt, the music director for the Santa Monica, California, radio station KCRW.

Shane Lust


Shane Lust is a Canadian ice hockey player. He is currently playing for the Dundee Stars in the British Elite Ice Hockey League.

Willy Lust


Wilhelmina Maria "Willy" Lust is a retired Dutch track-and-field athlete. She won a silver medal in the long jump at the 1950 European Athletics Championships.

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Translations for lust:

Arabic word for Lust

رَغْبَةٌ جِنْسَيَةٌ.

Bengali word for Lust


Chinese words for Lust

欲, 淫欲, 欲望, 情欲, 淫念, 性欲, 欲火, 色胆, 色欲, 嗜欲.

Dutch words for Lust

lus, wellust, geilheid.

French words for Lust

luxure, convoitise, lubricité, volupté, concupiscence, lascivité.

German words for Lust

Lust, Passion.

Hindi word for Lust


Italian word for Lust


Japanese words for Lust

肉欲, 愛欲, 情欲, 劣情, こうしょく, しきよく, れつじょう, いんよく, 色欲, 色情, 淫欲, 好色, じょうよく, じゅうよく, 色慾, 春情, 淫慾, 情慾, しきじょう, 獣慾, しゅんじょう, 獣欲, にくよく.

Javanese word for Lust

Hawa nepsu.

Korean word for Lust


Malay word for Lust


Norwegian word for Lust


Polish words for Lust

pożądanie, żądza, pożądliwość.

Portuguese words for Lust

desejar, desejo, luxúria, ânsia, sensualidade, lascívia, concupiscência, volúpia, tesão, libidinagem, desejo sexual.

Romanian word for Lust


Spanish words for Lust

deseo, codicia, apetecer, lujuria, avidez, concupiscencia, lascivia.

Ukrainian word for Lust


Vietnamese word for Lust

sự thèm muốn.