How To Spell lust?

Correct spelling: lust

What is the definition of lust?

  1. Inclination; desire.

What does the abbreviation lust mean?

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What are the translations for lust?

Arabic word for Lust

رَغْبَةٌ جِنْسَيَةٌ.

Bengali word for Lust


Chinese words for Lust

欲, 淫欲, 欲望, 情欲, 淫念, 性欲, 欲火, 色胆, 色欲, 嗜欲.

Dutch words for Lust

lus, wellust, geilheid.

French words for Lust

luxure, convoitise, lubricité, volupté, concupiscence, lascivité.

German words for Lust

Lust, Passion.

Hindi word for Lust


Italian word for Lust


Japanese words for Lust

肉欲, 愛欲, 情欲, 劣情, こうしょく, しきよく, れつじょう, いんよく, 色欲, 色情, 淫欲, 好色, じょうよく, じゅうよく, 色慾, 春情, 淫慾, 情慾, しきじょう, 獣慾, しゅんじょう, 獣欲, にくよく.

Javanese word for Lust

Hawa nepsu.

Korean word for Lust


Malay word for Lust


Norwegian word for Lust


Polish words for Lust

pożądanie, żądza, pożądliwość.

Portuguese words for Lust

desejar, desejo, luxúria, ânsia, sensualidade, lascívia, concupiscência, volúpia, tesão, libidinagem, desejo sexual.

Romanian word for Lust


Spanish words for Lust

deseo, codicia, apetecer, lujuria, avidez, concupiscencia, lascivia.

Ukrainian word for Lust


Vietnamese word for Lust

sự thèm muốn.