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How To Spell expect?

Correct spelling: expect

Definition of expect:

  1. Expectation.

List of misspellings for expect:

  • exoect,
  • exspeicaly,
  • expsecting,
  • expet,
  • ecsept,
  • exepcted,
  • expenct,
  • accepct,
  • expeced,
  • excectly,
  • execte,
  • expecually,
  • experet,
  • expective,
  • expedia,
  • expot,
  • irrespect,
  • exakkt,
  • expent,
  • execpet,
  • exatct,
  • isexpected,
  • exepect,
  • ikpact,
  • expept,
  • experct,
  • excpects,
  • experti,
  • expemt,
  • exepdia,
  • expoected,
  • expecked,
  • exeucte,
  • experced,
  • explicty,
  • exept,
  • expekt,
  • exepte,
  • expcts,
  • axniexty,
  • ecxept,
  • ecpect,
  • ecxpect,
  • expecet,
  • expcet,
  • unexpect,
  • expexed,
  • accenct,
  • expoxed,
  • exract,
  • exptected,
  • explicti,
  • experty,
  • expeec,
  • exprect,
  • exppecting,
  • expeculate,
  • exspicaly,
  • execut,
  • espact,
  • explict,
  • expeda,
  • expeected,
  • expidit,
  • extict,
  • expectts,
  • expct,
  • exsict,
  • exspecailly,
  • exprot,
  • expecat,
  • expectd,
  • upexpected,
  • asepect,
  • expector,
  • expectin,
  • exptect,
  • exstict,
  • exepected,
  • expercted,
  • excpert,
  • uspect,
  • ecxact,
  • excepct,
  • axpected,
  • expecton,
  • expoit,
  • expecally,
  • exspectly,
  • expempt,
  • ecspecaly,
  • expecpt,
  • excecutor,
  • expectyed,
  • egsact,
  • expecaly,
  • expedct,
  • exprected,
  • expectally,
  • ascpect.

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Quotes for expect:

  1. He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.
  2. You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.
  3. Things that I felt absolutely sure of but a few years ago, I do not believe now. This thought makes me see more clearly how foolish it would be to expect all men to agree with me.
  4. I was on stage and I was like I will pay someone to do my time, not only will I expect NOT to be paid, but I will pay someone if I can run off stage right now. It was so bad.
  5. Too many people expect wonders from democracy, when the most wonderful thing of all is just having it.

Translations for expect:

Afrikaans word for Expect


Arabic word for Expect


Bengali word for Expect

আশা করা.

Chinese words for Expect

期待, 预计.

French words for Expect

demander, supposer, estimer, exiger, attendre, s'attendre, espérer, anticiper, créer, escompter, attendre à (‘s).

German words for Expect

verlangen, annehmen, vermuten, voraussetzen, erwarten, sich erhoffen, mit rechnen, gewärtigen, entgegensehen.

Greek word for Expect


Hindi word for Expect


Italian word for Expect


Japanese words for Expect

期する, 期す, 待ち設ける, おもいもうける, みこむ, 待ち受ける, まちうける, 待設ける, ごす, まちもうける, 思い設ける, 期待する.

Javanese word for Expect


Korean word for Expect


Malay word for Expect


Marathi word for Expect


Norwegian word for Expect


Polish words for Expect

oczekiwać, spodziewać się, przewidywać, liczyć na.

Portuguese word for Expect


Romanian word for Expect

a aștepta.

Russian words for Expect

ожидать, рассчитывать на, ждать.

Spanish words for Expect

aspirar, esperar, suponer, prever, pretender, exigir, contar con, imaginarse, pensar, anticipar.

Swedish word for Expect

förvänta (sig).

Tamil word for Expect


Turkish word for Expect


Ukrainian word for Expect


Vietnamese word for Expect

trông mong.