How To Spell dread?

Correct spelling: dread

What does the abbreviation dread mean?

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What are the rhymes for dread?

  1. bread, med, led, lead, sped, retread, widespread, jed, ted, head, stead, pled, shred, dead, freda, spread, dred, said, unread, bled, shed, unwed, fred, reade, ned, zed, bred, wedd, swed, red, redd, ged, wed, sled, fled, fed, bed, unsaid, ed, tread, read, thread;
  2. embed, adread, imbed, misled, instead, purebred, abed, ahead, behead;
  3. overhead, infrared, thoroughbred, overfed, interbred, biomed;

What are the translations for dread?

Chinese words for Dread

恐惧, 怵惧.

Dutch words for Dread

ontzetting, vrees, afschuwelijk, vreselijk.

French words for Dread

peur, effroi, redouter, angoisse, terreur, frayeur, hantise.

German words for Dread

Angst, Furcht, Grauen, sich scheuen, Entsetzen, Horror.

Italian word for Dread

tremare all´idea di.

Japanese words for Dread

恐怖, 怖がる, こわがる, 大の苦手, だいのにがて, 怖じ気, 恐れる.

Javanese word for Dread


Korean word for Dread


Malay word for Dread


Norwegian word for Dread


Polish word for Dread


Portuguese word for Dread


Spanish words for Dread

miedo, temor, temer, pavor, terror, espanto, sentirse intimidado por, sentirse amedrentado por.

Swedish word for Dread


Tamil word for Dread


Vietnamese word for Dread

oai nghiêm.