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How To Spell dread?

Correct spelling: dread

List of misspellings for dread:

  • gread,
  • jerad,
  • drewl,
  • diret,
  • toread,
  • drwaw,
  • cardreader,
  • dramd,
  • reard,
  • addredd,
  • reaad,
  • drea,
  • readt,
  • dirreah,
  • dregde,
  • derak,
  • diareha,
  • desred,
  • dieat,
  • diareahea,
  • dgreat,
  • treah,
  • dtaed,
  • drowd,
  • dieid,
  • dred,
  • readu,
  • aread,
  • diareah,
  • deald,
  • deray,
  • disreward,
  • ahread,
  • daired,
  • dunreadd,
  • drad,
  • mdrid,
  • treeed,
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What does the abbreviation dread mean?

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Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise


2015 film

Atomic, Living in Dread and Promise is a documentary film about nuclear history directed by Mark Cousins. It uses only archive footage to explore life and death in the atomic age. The band Mogwai created the original soundtrack.

Dread Beat an' Blood


Album by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Poet and the Roo

Dread Beat an' Blood is an album by Poet and the Roots released in 1978 on the Front Line label. It was produced by Vivian Weathers and Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Dread Dragon Droom


Video game

Dread Dragon Droom is an educational game designed and published by Humberside in 1985.

Rides a Dread Legion


Novel by Raymond E. Feist

Rides a Dread Legion is a fantasy novel by American writer Raymond E. Feist. It is the first book in The Demonwar Saga and was published in 2009. It is followed by At the Gates of Darkness.

Winston McAnuff


Jamaican singer

Winston McAnuff, also known under the stage name Electric Dread is a Jamaican singer and composer of reggae and dub music.

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This graph shows how "dread" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for dread:

  1. bread, med, led, lead, sped, retread, widespread, jed, ted, head, stead, pled, shred, dead, freda, spread, dred, said, unread, bled, shed, unwed, fred, reade, ned, zed, bred, wedd, swed, red, redd, ged, wed, sled, fled, fed, bed, unsaid, ed, tread, read, thread;
  2. embed, adread, imbed, misled, instead, purebred, abed, ahead, behead;
  3. overhead, infrared, thoroughbred, overfed, interbred, biomed;

Translations for dread:

Chinese words for Dread

恐惧, 怵惧.

Dutch words for Dread

ontzetting, vrees, afschuwelijk, vreselijk.

French words for Dread

peur, effroi, redouter, angoisse, terreur, frayeur, hantise.

German words for Dread

Angst, Furcht, Grauen, sich scheuen, Entsetzen, Horror.

Italian word for Dread

tremare all´idea di.

Japanese words for Dread

恐怖, 怖がる, こわがる, 大の苦手, だいのにがて, 怖じ気, 恐れる.

Javanese word for Dread


Korean word for Dread


Malay word for Dread


Norwegian word for Dread


Polish word for Dread


Portuguese word for Dread


Spanish words for Dread

miedo, temor, temer, pavor, terror, espanto, sentirse intimidado por, sentirse amedrentado por.

Swedish word for Dread


Tamil word for Dread


Vietnamese word for Dread

oai nghiêm.