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Spell Check of dread

Correct spelling: dread

Common misspellings for dread:

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What does the abbreviation dread mean?

DREAD abbreviation definitions:
–  Damage potential, Reproducibility, Exploitability, Affected Users, Discoverability
–  Denial Rejection Expectation Acceptance Dependancyrecent

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This graph shows how "dread" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for dread:

  1. bread, med, led, lead, sped, retread, widespread, jed, ted, head, stead, pled, shred, dead, freda, spread, dred, said, unread, bled, shed, unwed, fred, reade, ned, zed, bred, wedd, swed, red, redd, ged, wed, sled, fled, fed, bed, unsaid, ed, tread, read, thread;
  2. embed, adread, imbed, misled, instead, purebred, abed, ahead, behead;
  3. overhead, infrared, thoroughbred, overfed, interbred, biomed;