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How To Spell bear?

Correct spelling: bear

List of misspellings for bear:

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What does the abbreviation bear mean?


strong, brave bear
Bear as a boy's name is a variant of Bernard (Old French, Old German), and the meaning of Bear is "strong, brave bear".

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1992 Big Bear earthquake



The 1992 Big Bear earthquake occurred at 08:05:33 PDT on June 28 in Big Bear Lake, California, with a moment magnitude of 6.5 and a maximum perceived intensity of VIII on the Mercalli intensity scale.

Great Bear


Roller coaster in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Great Bear is an inverted roller coaster located at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Designed by Werner Stengel, the roller coaster was built by Bolliger & Mabillard and opened in 1998 in the Kissing Tower Hill section of the park.

Jack the Bear


1993 film

Jack the Bear is a 1993 American drama film directed by Marshall Herskovitz, written by Steven Zaillian based on the novel by Dan McCall, and starring Danny DeVito, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr., Miko Hughes, and Gary Sinise.

John Bear


American businessman

John Bjorn Bear is an American businessman in the distance education industry. He is also a writer of creative reference works.

The Great Bear


2011 film

The Great Bear is a 2011 Danish computer animated film directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen. The film was also translated to English for British and American viewers.

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This graph shows how "bear" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for bear:

  1. pear, heir, bare, derr, blair, herr, bair, fare, mare, blare, serr, wear, guerre, where, fer, eyre, swear, tear, ware, cher, ne'er, stare, scare, bahr, air, their, claire, stair, glare, mair, sayre, lare, dare, spare, share, maire, gehr, khmer, clair, pair, hare, terre, werre, err, square, care, kehr, chair, snare, lehr, sare, gare, lair, baer, fair, flair, gair, prayer, hair, mer, pare, hehr, flare, skare, ferre, rare, darr, clare, faire, they're, there, nair;
  2. impair, voltaire, alair, forswear, moliere, repair, despair, prepare, belair, abair, dispair, comair, adair, montclair, sinclair, pierre, midair, declare, ensnare, adaire, astaire, swissair, mcnair, aware, compare, affair, allaire, o'hare, beware, unfair;
  3. doctrinaire, solitaire, disrepair, aer, questionnaire, billionaire, unaware, millionaire, javier, debonair, usair, icelandair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for bear:

Arabic word for Bear


Bengali word for Bear


Chinese words for Bear

承, 熊, 负上, 肩起, 生育, 肩负, 轴承, 消受, 戴, 生养, 负担, 忍耐, 熊瞎子, 吃苦.

Dutch word for Bear


French words for Bear

soutenir, comporter, rapporter, supporter, produire, apporter, accoucher, conter, endurer, donner naissance à, ours, ourse, souffrir, arborer, enfanter.

German words for Bear

ertragen, aushalten, ausstehen, tragen, abwerfen, hervorbringen, zur Welt bringen, Bär, hegen, leiden, erdulden, innehaben, Baissier, Börsenspekulant, Fixer, Baissespekulant, Donner, Porter.

Greek word for Bear


Hindi word for Bear


Italian word for Bear


Japanese words for Bear

負う, ベア, ベアー, もっていく, ナンパ, 持って行く, もってゆく, 持ってゆく, ゆうひ, 持っていく, 肩に担ぐ, 熊羆, なんぱ, かたにかつぐ, 軟派, クマ.

Javanese word for Bear


Korean word for Bear


Malay word for Bear


Marathi word for Bear


Norwegian words for Bear

dra, bjørn.

Polish words for Bear

URS, niedźwiedź.

Portuguese words for Bear

produzir, levar, exibir, aguentar, suportar, carregar, conduzir, arcar com, portar, comportar, urso, trazer, sofrer.

Russian words for Bear

нести, переносить, медведь, медвежий, сносить.

Spanish words for Bear

subir, sostener, dar, rendir, producir, llevar, asumir, soportar, aguantar, sufragar, guardar, dar a luz, oso, mencionar, afrontar, abrir, sufrir, sustentar, sobrellevar, tolerar, parir, ostentar.

Swedish word for Bear


Tamil word for Bear


Turkish word for Bear


Ukrainian word for Bear


Vietnamese word for Bear

con gấu.