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strong, brave bear
Bear as a boy's name is a variant of Bernard (Old French, Old German), and the meaning of Bear is "strong, brave bear".

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What are the rhymes for bear?

  1. pear, heir, bare, derr, blair, herr, bair, fare, mare, blare, serr, wear, guerre, where, fer, eyre, swear, tear, ware, cher, ne'er, stare, scare, bahr, air, their, claire, stair, glare, mair, sayre, lare, dare, spare, share, maire, gehr, khmer, clair, pair, hare, terre, werre, err, square, care, kehr, chair, snare, lehr, sare, gare, lair, baer, fair, flair, gair, prayer, hair, mer, pare, hehr, flare, skare, ferre, rare, darr, clare, faire, they're, there, nair;
  2. impair, voltaire, alair, forswear, moliere, repair, despair, prepare, belair, abair, dispair, comair, adair, montclair, sinclair, pierre, midair, declare, ensnare, adaire, astaire, swissair, mcnair, aware, compare, affair, allaire, o'hare, beware, unfair;
  3. doctrinaire, solitaire, disrepair, aer, questionnaire, billionaire, unaware, millionaire, javier, debonair, usair, icelandair;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for bear?

Arabic word for Bear


Bengali word for Bear


Chinese words for Bear

承, 熊, 负上, 肩起, 生育, 肩负, 轴承, 消受, 戴, 生养, 负担, 忍耐, 熊瞎子, 吃苦.

Dutch word for Bear


French words for Bear

soutenir, comporter, rapporter, supporter, produire, apporter, accoucher, conter, endurer, donner naissance à, ours, ourse, souffrir, arborer, enfanter.

German words for Bear

ertragen, aushalten, ausstehen, tragen, abwerfen, hervorbringen, zur Welt bringen, Bär, hegen, leiden, erdulden, innehaben, Baissier, Börsenspekulant, Fixer, Baissespekulant, Donner, Porter.

Greek word for Bear


Hindi word for Bear


Italian word for Bear


Japanese words for Bear

負う, ベア, ベアー, もっていく, ナンパ, 持って行く, もってゆく, 持ってゆく, ゆうひ, 持っていく, 肩に担ぐ, 熊羆, なんぱ, かたにかつぐ, 軟派, クマ.

Javanese word for Bear


Korean word for Bear


Malay word for Bear


Marathi word for Bear


Norwegian words for Bear

dra, bjørn.

Polish words for Bear

URS, niedźwiedź.

Portuguese words for Bear

produzir, levar, exibir, aguentar, suportar, carregar, conduzir, arcar com, portar, comportar, urso, trazer, sofrer.

Russian words for Bear

нести, переносить, медведь, медвежий, сносить.

Spanish words for Bear

subir, sostener, dar, rendir, producir, llevar, asumir, soportar, aguantar, sufragar, guardar, dar a luz, oso, mencionar, afrontar, abrir, sufrir, sustentar, sobrellevar, tolerar, parir, ostentar.

Swedish word for Bear


Tamil word for Bear


Turkish word for Bear


Ukrainian word for Bear


Vietnamese word for Bear

con gấu.