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How To Spell hate?

Correct spelling: hate

Definition of hate:

  1. To have a great aversion to, with a strong desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; to dislike intensely; to detest; as, to hate one's enemies; to hate hypocrisy.

List of misspellings for hate:

  • hame,
  • hatai,
  • hace,
  • haitat,
  • tate,
  • hsoute,
  • haev,
  • that'a,
  • dwhat,
  • heahter,
  • htto,
  • hayti,
  • havea,
  • qoate,
  • hilite,
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  • hatein,
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What does the abbreviation hate mean?

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Harvest of Hate


1979 film

Harvest of Hate is a 1978 Australian film made for TV about Arab terrorists operating in South Australia.

I Hate Hollywood


Television series

I Hate Hollywood is a Canadian television series, which premiered on CHCH-TV and in syndication in May 2012. Hosted by Ed the Sock and Liana Kerzner and featuring co-writer Ron Sparks, the series is a satire of entertainment news shows such as Entertainment Tonight.

Let's All Hate Toronto


2007 film

Let's All Hate Toronto is a 2007 Canadian documentary film co-directed by independent documentarian Albert Nerenberg and Rob Spence. The documentary is a comedic examination of the reasons why everyone in Canada seems to hate Toronto, Ontario.

Nobukazu Hirai


Japanese professional wrestler

Nobukazu Hirai is a Japanese professional wrestler currently competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling as Super Hate. He is the son of former Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance wrestler Mitsu Hirai.

The Pilgrim of Hate


Novel by Edith Mary Pargeter

The Pilgrim of Hate is a medieval mystery novel by Ellis Peters, set in spring 1141. It is the tenth in the Cadfael Chronicles, and was first published in 1984. This story takes place very soon after the preceding novel Dead Man's Ransom.

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Quotes for hate:

  1. I hate it, it is tedious... when I write for my act, it is very improvisational, I write bullet points, I cannot sit in front of a computer; that is not my style.
  2. If you're going to play at all, you're out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose.
  3. I would really hate to have e -mail. It's bad enough with all the mail I get.
  4. In the gay( Catholic) community, it would seem, the maxim is: love the sin and love the sinner, but hate anyone who calls it a sin or him a sinner.
  5. I hate changes of administrations, because I have all my villains in place and they are all taken away and replaced with faceless wonders nobody knows.

Translations for hate:

Chinese words for Hate

恨, 仇视, 愤恨, 看不惯.

Dutch words for Hate

haat, haten.

French words for Hate

hâte, haine.

German word for Hate


Greek word for Hate


Hindi word for Hate


Italian word for Hate


Japanese word for Hate


Korean word for Hate


Malay words for Hate

Benci, Sengit.

Portuguese words for Hate

aborrecer, raiva, ódio, de ódio, sanha.

Romanian word for Hate

a urî.

Russian words for Hate

ненависть, ненавидеть.

Spanish words for Hate

ira, odio, odiar, odioso.

Tamil word for Hate


Turkish words for Hate

nefret, hata.

Ukrainian word for Hate


Vietnamese word for Hate