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How To Spell fate?

Correct spelling: fate

List of misspellings for fate:

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  • thate,
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What does the abbreviation fate mean?

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This graph shows how "fate" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for fate:

  1. The fate of the singers who, like my songs, went up in flame was also the fate of the books which I later wrote. All of them went up in flame to Heaven in a fire which broke out one night at my home in Bad Homburg as I lay ill in a hospital.
  2. All the asylum clothing is made by the patients, but sewing does not employ one's mind. After several months' confinement the thoughts of the busy world grow faint, and all the poor prisoners can do is to sit and ponder over their hopeless fate.
  3. Character and fate are two words for the same thing.
  4. Names and individuals are unimportant when Germany's final fate is at stake.
  5. When Karim and his group heard about Saddam coming, they wanted to kill him, but fate had other ideas.

Translations for fate:

Chinese words for Fate

命, 运命, 时运, 祸福吉凶, 运道.

Dutch words for Fate

noodlot, lotsbestemming.

French words for Fate

sort, destin, hasard, fatalité.

German words for Fate

Lot, Geschick, Los, Sorte, Schicksal, Verhängnis, Fatum, Kader.

Greek word for Fate


Japanese words for Fate

運命, 宿命, 命運, 天命, 行く末, 巡り合わせ, うんめい, ぎょうまつ, じょうすう, ていすう, 行末, 宿運, うんき, めいうん, 果てし, 契り, はてし, めぐりあわせ, えん, ていめい, ちぎり, 死命, じょうみょう, あんき, しゅくうん, 宿縁, 江に, しゅくめい, めぐり合わせ, てんめい, いんねん, いんえん.

Malay word for Fate


Marathi word for Fate


Norwegian word for Fate


Polish word for Fate


Portuguese words for Fate

acaso, fato, fado, sina.

Romanian word for Fate


Spanish words for Fate

futuro, sino, casualidad, suerte, azar, destino.

Vietnamese word for Fate

số phận.