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What are the translations for fate?

Chinese words for Fate

命, 运命, 时运, 祸福吉凶, 运道.

Dutch words for Fate

noodlot, lotsbestemming.

French words for Fate

sort, destin, hasard, fatalité.

German words for Fate

Lot, Geschick, Los, Sorte, Schicksal, Verhängnis, Fatum, Kader.

Greek word for Fate


Japanese words for Fate

運命, 宿命, 命運, 天命, 行く末, 巡り合わせ, うんめい, ぎょうまつ, じょうすう, ていすう, 行末, 宿運, うんき, めいうん, 果てし, 契り, はてし, めぐりあわせ, えん, ていめい, ちぎり, 死命, じょうみょう, あんき, しゅくうん, 宿縁, 江に, しゅくめい, めぐり合わせ, てんめい, いんねん, いんえん.

Malay word for Fate


Marathi word for Fate


Norwegian word for Fate


Polish word for Fate


Portuguese words for Fate

acaso, fato, fado, sina.

Romanian word for Fate


Spanish words for Fate

futuro, sino, casualidad, suerte, azar, destino.

Vietnamese word for Fate

số phận.