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How To Spell fare?

Correct spelling: fare

List of misspellings for fare:

  • pharow,
  • naure,
  • wlefare,
  • faeture,
  • farir,
  • beefore,
  • feret,
  • fearl,
  • futre,
  • farter,
  • frale,
  • freame,
  • bbefore,
  • futrue,
  • farage,
  • offrer,
  • favre,
  • farma,
  • fearc,
  • foure,
  • befreo,
  • failire,
  • garae,
  • faorit,
  • befare,
  • falue,
  • befroe,
  • bfore,
  • featore,
  • avare,
  • fague,
  • fae,
  • waare,
  • fara,
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  • fabri,
  • befoore,
  • boefore,
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  • fre,
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  • forhe,
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  • forein.

What does the abbreviation fare mean?

Related words for fare

Charles Auguste de la Fare



Charles Auguste, Marquis de La Fare, Conte of Laugères, Baron of Balazuc, was a poet and French memorialist.

Eastern Fare Music Foundation


Music school in Bengaluru, India

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is a music school, a production and a publishing house in Guwahati, Assam, India. The institute provides training for instrumental music in Western Classical music, Carnatic music and contemporary style.

Fare Thee Well Love


Studio album by The Rankin Family

Fare Thee Well Love is the second studio album by Canadian folk music group The Rankin Family. The album was originally self-released by the siblings in 1990. It was re-issued by Capitol Records in 1992 and certified 5× Platinum by the CRIA.

Harry Fare


Soccer player

Harry Fare was an English footballer who played in the Football League for Wigan Borough and Bury. Born in Wallasey, Fare started his career at Everton before joining Wigan in May 1922.

Standard Fare


Pop band

Standard Fare were a three-piece indie-pop band based in Sheffield, The band were formed in 2005 and comprised members Emma Kupa, Danny Howe, and Andy Beswick. Standard Fare were named after a sign Emma saw on a bus in Newcastle.

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Rhymes for fare:

  1. their, air, tear, where, bare, rare, eyre, hare, err, there, bahr, share, snare, chair, ne'er, pear, baer, skare, nair, kehr, ferre, khmer, blare, stair, pare, claire, terre, mair, hair, bair, care, sayre, herr, stare, werre, derr, maire, dare, glare, square, pair, flair, faire, guerre, clair, flare, blair, scare, cher, darr, fair, ware, gair, hehr, mare, clare, lair, sare, spare, bear, wear, mer, serr, fer, lare, they're, lehr, gare, gehr, prayer, swear, heir;
  2. midair, prepare, astaire, dispair, forswear, unfair, adaire, repair, declare, mcnair, compare, o'hare, pierre, voltaire, moliere, allaire, comair, beware, affair, alair, sinclair, despair, montclair, aware, adair, impair, swissair, ensnare, belair, abair;
  3. javier, questionnaire, usair, unaware, disrepair, doctrinaire, billionaire, debonair, icelandair, millionaire, solitaire, aer;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

Translations for fare:

Arabic word for Fare

أُجْرَةُ السَّفَر.

Bengali word for Fare


Chinese words for Fare

票价, 车费, 路费, 运价, 车钱, 車费, 车资, 乘车.

Dutch words for Fare

tarief, ritprijs.

French words for Fare

prix, nourriture, prix du billet, prix de la course, voyageur.

German words for Fare

Tarif, Verpflegung, Teilstrecke, Preis, Kost, Fahrpreis, Nahrung, Speise, Fuhre, Fahrgeld, Tarifzone, Fahrpreiszone, Beförderungsentgelt, Cuisine.

Greek word for Fare


Hindi word for Fare


Italian word for Fare


Japanese word for Fare


Javanese word for Fare


Korean word for Fare

승차 요금.

Malay word for Fare


Marathi word for Fare


Norwegian word for Fare


Polish words for Fare

taryfa, należność za kurs, opłata za kurs.

Portuguese words for Fare

passar, bilhete, passagem, sair-se.

Romanian word for Fare

costul unui bilet de călătorie.

Russian word for Fare

стоимость проезда.

Spanish words for Fare

precio, tarifa, billete, suceder, comida, pasaje, boleto.

Swedish word for Fare


Tamil word for Fare


Ukrainian word for Fare

плата за проїзд.

Vietnamese word for Fare

tiền vé.