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How To Spell very?

Correct spelling: very

Definition of very:

  1. In a great degree.

List of misspellings for very:

  • verifi,
  • viery,
  • evry,
  • weremy,
  • verp,
  • wewrw,
  • variou,
  • vurb,
  • vvery,
  • veiryf,
  • cery,
  • verry,
  • vollery,
  • verba,
  • ery,
  • verioty,
  • variey,
  • vicera,
  • verety,
  • verall,
  • verie,
  • werrr,
  • iery,
  • venere,
  • qwere,
  • vedry,
  • verd,
  • vertu,
  • lery,
  • ver,
  • vetro,
  • yeary,
  • verifiy,
  • wirery,
  • ywere,
  • veify,
  • werry,
  • vickery,
  • veritey,
  • cerry,
  • verif,
  • vry,
  • qeury,
  • were12,
  • warey,
  • veere,
  • veryfi,
  • bery,
  • verty,
  • vere,
  • verafiy,
  • wevery,
  • jewary,
  • vevry,
  • voered,
  • vairy,
  • eeiry,
  • vbery,
  • vitiory,
  • whery,
  • veey,
  • viwere,
  • veru,
  • veyy,
  • verfiy,
  • vero,
  • vety,
  • vrey,
  • varey,
  • hrry,
  • pery,
  • veerify,
  • veary,
  • verus,
  • virity,
  • wiriy,
  • mvery,
  • verifuy,
  • veray,
  • veryu,
  • wervy,
  • verh,
  • tery,
  • veifiy,
  • srry,
  • verifey,
  • 0ver,
  • varety,
  • vthere,
  • viraty,
  • wery,
  • verite,
  • wewre,
  • variery,
  • vey,
  • verfy,
  • vuery,
  • werey,
  • vwery,
  • howevery.

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This graph shows how "very" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for very:

  1. God made a very obvious choice when he made me voluptuous; why would I go against what he decided for me? My limbs work, so I'm not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.
  2. The lake at Neverland is right in the very front, and you just want to dive in.
  3. Disco B still rolls with me now. He's still doing his thing. He does clubs in different places. He was very instrumental in helping me perfect my craft.
  4. I was out dancing with one actress or another. And that got press. Even when it didn't, the whole town knew I was a dancing fool, and since I couldn't very well dance with a man, they saw me dancing with a lady, and they assumed the rest.
  5. When you're writing about people that are not very well off, you seem to see the kitchen sink. So it was a bit of a sort of cosy phrase that got used a bit too much.

Rhymes for very:

  1. unwary, jerry, scary, cherry, prairie, sperry, querry, ferry, remarry, merrie, gerry, cheri, terry, gery, wherry, carey, valeri, neri, mary, guarneri, gerri, gerrie, chery, carie, perry, eyrie, marry, contrary, lary, merry, terrie, skerry, sherry, tarry, metairie, stary, larry, karry, ranieri, harry, jerrie, carrie, vary, kari, sherrie, hairy, barre, kerri, jeri, cary, derry, bury, clary, nary, terri, sherri, kerrey, teri, kary, carrey, fairy, jerri, dairy, parry, glengarry, sheri, jere, kerry, gary, wary;
  2. berry, arie, berri, airy, berrie, ary;
  3. canary, azeri;

Translations for very:

Afrikaans word for Very


Arabic word for Very


Bengali word for Very


Chinese words for Very

大为, 狠, 倍儿, 甚, 殊, 极为.

Dutch words for Very

behoorlijk, precies, heel, erg, uiterst, zeer, louter, ontzettend.

German words for Very

Recht, wirklich, ganz, enorm, sehr, hoch, extrem, überaus.

Italian word for Very


Javanese word for Very


Malay word for Very


Polish word for Very


Portuguese words for Very

muito, própria.

Romanian word for Very


Spanish words for Very

preciso, muy, propio, sumamente, altamente, mismo, propia.

Swedish word for Very


Vietnamese word for Very