How To Spell free?

Correct spelling: free

What does the abbreviation free mean?


a free man, one freed from bound servitude to an overlord
Free as a boy's name is a variant of Freeman (Old English), and the meaning of Free is "a free man, one freed from bound servitude to an overlord".

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What are the rhymes for free?

  1. marie, loree, see, henri, glee, licensee, sightsee, nominee, oversea, zea, tennessee, jaycee, ranee, mt, yippee, oad, she, rosemarie, z, je, ki, mea, disagree, ye, gyi, pri, sea, tree, dea, de, guarani, vendee, jie, yi, thee, bourgeoisie, thierry, syp, trustee, we, honoree, eap, leigh, mi, lee, zee, m3, plea, ne, nestle, spie, mpg, enlistee, pree, quai, ged, rupee, wee, njt, ree, nghi, jubilee, thi, tee, guarantee, ot, degree, spree, g, bbc, ip, ofc, louie, gutsy, snee, chee, c, guaranty, banshee, tyree, sri, yangtze, v, mit, franchisee, mcgee, se, be, internee, lea, crea, dsv, waikiki, three, li, bea, chea, cyb, yee, ghee, nic, bee, c3, resignee, vee, deportee, p, key, he, bree, curie, debris, sep, lessee, me, cxc, sci, goatee, klee, chablis, the, pattee, xi, ze, bui, mme, yie, kyi, lavie, bibi, rosalee, dee, rea, pea, ab, ee, hee, appointee, knee, esprit, fee, nabil, gee, quay, trainee, kee, capri, inductee, d, marquee, cac, jessee, sheree, valoree, blea, referee, apc, flee, slee, undersea, shi, mc, ski, whoopee, fop, ravi, tse, mcghee, emcee, sie, bt, devotee, potpourri, brie, escapee, cat-3, markee, musee, nie, ve, tv, retiree, magee, shri, khe, vi, draftee, lp, cc, tenn, t, sze, xie, prix, fsi, ddt, ib, marquis, id, jee, kea, qi, pawnee, nee, cd, fi, designee, re, lsd, tea, atp, rb, decree, b, smee, qui, flea, foresee, ji, conferee, dundee, detainee, dupree, enrollee, brea, cod, te, odp, repartee, cie, parolee, lxi, si, indri, cree, ti, mee, andree;
  2. albee, alee, achee, abee, adee, ac, agree;
  3. adoptee, amputee, amc, adoree, abt, absentee, addressee;
  4. hnat, geac, interviewee, irit, lapd, knbc;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for free?

Afrikaans word for Free


Arabic word for Free


Chinese words for Free

免费的, 自在, 离生, 漫, 无偿, 跌宕昭彰, 自由的.

Dutch words for Free

kosteloos, vrij, vrijlaten, bevrijden, beschikbaar, verlossen, onbezet, onbelemmerd, ongebonden, vrijmoedig, vrijelijk, in vrijheid stellen, losmaken.

French words for Free

disponible, libre, relever, gratuit, livre, exempt, gratuits, affranchir, dégager, débarrasser, délier, ouvert, livres, vacant, indemne, gracieux, libres, indemnes, pour rien, gratos.

German words for Free

befreien, freigeben, freilassen, frei, ungebunden, kostenlos, entblocken, unentgeltlich, kostenfrei, umsonst, offenherzig, gratis, unbesetzt.

Greek word for Free


Hindi word for Free

नि: शुल्क.

Italian words for Free

libero, gratuita.

Japanese words for Free

無料, フリー, 自由自在, 自由気まま, むりょう, ろは, 自由三昧, 自由気儘, ロハ, じゆうかって, じゆうじざい, じゆうざんまい, 自由勝手, じゆうきまま, 自由な.

Korean word for Free


Malay word for Free


Marathi word for Free


Polish words for Free

swobodny, wolny, bezpłatny, nieodpłatny, nieskrępowany, darmowy.

Portuguese words for Free

aberto, livrar, desobstruir, libertar, grátis, isento, dispensado, desimpedir, de graça, aberta, francas, independentes, autônomo, desobrigado, desimpedido, desatravancado, desatravancar.

Romanian word for Free


Russian words for Free

бесплатный, бесплатно, вольный, даровой, свободно.

Spanish words for Free

facilitar, liberar, soltar, desocupado, franco, rescatar, gratuito, librar, dispensar, franca.

Swedish word for Free


Tamil word for Free