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How To Spell independent?

Correct spelling: independent

Definition of independent:

  1. not controlled by a party or interest group

List of misspellings for independent:

  • independenty,
  • independnt,
  • indepenent,
  • indepemdance,
  • inderpendently,
  • indepentents,
  • indpendents,
  • indeendent,
  • indepentedly,
  • independnat,
  • independednt,
  • independenlty,
  • independnatly,
  • indepentdently,
  • indepndant,
  • inderpendent,
  • independentlt,
  • independnantly,
  • indepenant,
  • indepentent,
  • idnependance,
  • independalty,
  • indepentently,
  • independanrly,
  • intendent,
  • interdependend,
  • independand,
  • independants,
  • independentely,
  • independentness,
  • independentyl,
  • indeipendant,
  • indepented,
  • idependantly,
  • indepenently,
  • independentally,
  • indepdenent,
  • inpendent,
  • indipendantly,
  • indipendents,
  • indepdnetly,
  • independt,
  • independantly,
  • indepindent,
  • indepentdantly,
  • independit,
  • indepandant,
  • interdependant,
  • independemnt,
  • interdipendent,
  • unattendent,
  • independing,
  • indipedent,
  • indapendent,
  • indepnedent,
  • independatley,
  • independeltly,
  • indepentdant,
  • independanlty,
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  • inependant,
  • independentlly,
  • independan,
  • independnet,
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  • independendt,
  • idependent,
  • indendant,
  • indenpenedntly,
  • independately,
  • indenpendent,
  • indebendent,
  • idependant,
  • indpendent,
  • indepdendent,
  • independacne,
  • interpendent,
  • interminttent,
  • indepentantly,
  • indepenedent,
  • indepdently,
  • indepandantly,
  • independetnly,
  • indendent,
  • independenly,
  • antecendent,
  • independenet,
  • independen,
  • indenpend,
  • indepednet,
  • indepentant,
  • independenttly,
  • independtly,
  • indepedndent,
  • independet,
  • indendently,
  • indipendent,
  • indenpendance,
  • indepependant,
  • independant.

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Burton Independent School District


School district

Burton Independent School District is a public school district based in Burton, Texas. In 2009, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" by the Texas Education Agency.

Kigali Independent University


Higher educational institution in Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali Independent University, in Rwanda, is a private Institution of Higher Learning founded on 15 March 1996 and governed by the Law No. 27/2013 of 24/5/2013 governing the organization and functioning of Higher Education in Rwanda, the Law No. 13/2009 regulating Labor in Rwanda, the Presidential Order No. 51/01 of 13/7/2010 establishing quality standards in higher learning institutions.

McKinney Independent School District


School district

McKinney Independent School District is a public school district in McKinney, Texas. In addition to McKinney, the district serves the town of New Hope and parts of Allen, Fairview, Weston, Princeton, and Lowry Crossing.

Rochester Independent College


School in Rochester, England

Rochester Independent College is a co-educational, independent day and boarding school in Rochester, Medway, United Kingdom. It was established in 1984.

Willis Independent School District


School district

Willis Independent School District is a public school district based in Willis, Texas. Located in Montgomery County, the district extends into a portion of San Jacinto County.

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Translations for independent:

Afrikaans word for Independent


Arabic word for Independent


Chinese words for Independent

独, 独立的, 自主, 独立, 自立.

Dutch words for Independent

zelfstandig, onafhankelijk.

French words for Independent

libre, autonome, libéral, extérieurs.

German words for Independent

frei, unabhängig, selbständig, selbstständig, Unabhängige, Unabhängiger, autonom, freischaffend, eigenverantwortlich, rechnerunabhängig, parteilos, fraktionslos, flügge, Parteilose.

Italian word for Independent


Japanese word for Independent


Korean word for Independent


Malay word for Independent


Norwegian word for Independent


Portuguese word for Independent


Romanian word for Independent


Spanish word for Independent


Swedish word for Independent


Tamil word for Independent


Ukrainian word for Independent


Vietnamese word for Independent

độc lập.