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How To Spell foreign?

Correct spelling: foreign

List of misspellings for foreign:

  • foreiner,
  • frocing,
  • fireinf,
  • foiren,
  • frienf,
  • forieng,
  • forien,
  • foraign,
  • foering,
  • foreien,
  • ofering,
  • forchon,
  • freind,
  • foreigen,
  • forigen,
  • fryin,
  • forin,
  • fiorina,
  • foreingn,
  • forbeing,
  • foerign,
  • soverign,
  • foriener,
  • foron,
  • freign,
  • coverign,
  • freing,
  • foregine,
  • freidn,
  • foreigh,
  • firen,
  • frekin,
  • feareing,
  • forine,
  • forain,
  • forign,
  • forekin,
  • foregein,
  • foreging,
  • forceing,
  • forenic,
  • firein,
  • forreign,
  • souvereign,
  • feraing,
  • foregion,
  • freiend,
  • forgeign,
  • fooring,
  • fiering,
  • freen,
  • forwrding,
  • forchin,
  • foreinn,
  • ferring,
  • foreinger,
  • freakign,
  • foriven,
  • forernner,
  • forienor,
  • freinnd,
  • forigener,
  • forecing,
  • sovreign,
  • firring,
  • foreinge,
  • fireing,
  • fresian,
  • foiegn,
  • foreig,
  • forsing,
  • figureing,
  • foreginer,
  • foriengn,
  • sioverign,
  • forigner,
  • formin,
  • foring,
  • foreigns,
  • forieg,
  • foreignor,
  • froeign,
  • foringe,
  • freigh,
  • foriegn,
  • forengn,
  • forseen,
  • forgein,
  • forelorn,
  • soverighn,
  • foregin,
  • fpreign,
  • offerign,
  • forein,
  • reighn,
  • boreing,
  • forfinger,
  • foreteen,
  • foran,
  • offreing.

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Education company

The American Institute for Foreign Study, is an American travel and insurance company, managing a number of educational and travel programs centered on cultural exchange founded or acquired by British businessman and politician Sir Cyril Julian Hebden Taylor starting in 1964.

Binali Yıldırım


Prime Minister of Turkey

Binali Yıldırım is a Turkish politician who is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Turkey and the former leader of the Justice and Development Party.

Foreign Language Specialized School


School in Hanoi, Vietnam

Foreign Language Specialized School, commonly known as FLSS or CNN, is a national public magnet high school/university-preparatory school in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Libyan Foreign Bank


Banking company

Libyan Foreign Bank was established in 1972 in Tripoli, Libya as Libyan Arab Foreign Bank; it was renamed Libyan Foreign Bank in 2005. It was Libya's first offshore banking institution licensed to operate internationally. The Central Bank of Libya owns 100% of LFB. The head office is located in Libya's capital Tripoli. Since 2010, the bank owns 84% of British Arab Commercial Bank, and 68% of Banca UBAE in Rome.

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies


Private university in Nisshin, Japan

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies is a private university located in Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture in the “Chubu” area of Japan. Founded in 1988, it is known domestically by the name “Nagoya Gaidai” and its English abbreviation as NUFS.

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Rhymes for foreign:

  1. orren, floren, coren, zoran, goren, oren, gorin, toren, warren, corinn, doron, koren, loren, lauren;
  2. ecuadoran;

Translations for foreign:

Afrikaans word for Foreign


Chinese words for Foreign

外交, 外籍, 异国, 外国的.

Dutch words for Foreign

vreemd, buitenlands, uitheems, ongewoon.

French words for Foreign

étranger, étrangers, étrangères, externe, inconnu, étrangère, extérieures.

German words for Foreign

fremd, fremdartig, ausländisch, extern, auswärtig, fremdländisch, landfremd.

Greek word for Foreign


Italian word for Foreign


Japanese word for Foreign


Javanese word for Foreign


Korean word for Foreign


Norwegian word for Foreign


Polish words for Foreign

zagraniczny, obcy.

Portuguese words for Foreign

estranho, estrangeiro.

Romanian word for Foreign


Spanish words for Foreign

extranjero, exterior, internacional, externo, diferente, ajeno, desconocido, de fuera, foráneo.

Swedish word for Foreign


Tamil word for Foreign


Ukrainian word for Foreign


Vietnamese word for Foreign

nước ngoài.