How To Spell different?

Correct spelling: different

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What is the definition of different?

  1. distinctly separate from the first; "that's another (or different) issue altogether"

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What are the rhymes for different?

  1. indifferent;

What are the translations for different?

Afrikaans word for Different


Arabic word for Different


Bengali word for Different


Chinese words for Different

不同的, 不同, 不一样, 有别, 殊致.

Dutch words for Different

verschillend, ander, afwijkend, ongewoon, uiteenlopend.

French words for Different

autre, extraordinaire, singulier, distinct, dissemblable.

German words for Different

anders, verschieden, unterschiedlich, divers, verschiedenartig, ungleich, abweichend, fremd, andersartig, uneinheitlich, anders geartet, andersgeartet, Variable, apart.

Greek word for Different


Italian word for Different


Japanese words for Different

別様, ふいつ, 不一, ふいち, 不乙, べつよう, 違う.

Korean word for Different


Malay word for Different


Norwegian word for Different


Polish words for Different

inny, odmienny, zróżnicowany, Beda.

Portuguese words for Different

variados, diferenciada, outras, diversificadas, alternativos, divergente.

Romanian word for Different


Russian words for Different

разный, отличный, отличающийся.

Spanish words for Different

varios, distinto, diverso, diferente, diferentes, diferenciado, diversos, variadas, divergentes.

Swedish word for Different


Tamil word for Different


Turkish word for Different


Ukrainian word for Different