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How To Spell another?

Correct spelling: another

What are the misspellings for another ?

  • manyother,
  • nneither,
  • orother,
  • anthough,
  • nither,
  • anywhee,
  • anthother,
  • monther,
  • anotherr,
  • noother,
  • auther,
  • abother,
  • onlythe,
  • onboth,
  • anpother,
  • ardythe,
  • annoucer,
  • otheer,
  • inthe,
  • authoer,
  • onthe,
  • anabeth,
  • aother,
  • antother,
  • anestheia,
  • anorther,
  • anouter,
  • othe4r,
  • inboth,
  • abouthow,
  • anothre,
  • anotyher,
  • anoher,
  • anither,
  • anougth,
  • anthro,
  • toanother,
  • nother,
  • onther,
  • other2,
  • anotehr,
  • ranther,
  • andthe,
  • authir,
  • afther,
  • aniother,
  • anothe,
  • anothet,
  • anothyer,
  • anoither,
  • amother,
  • anethma,
  • aanother,
  • aechother,
  • anopther,
  • anesthia,
  • intthe,
  • eatother,
  • aonther,
  • anoteh,
  • aruther,
  • aruthur,
  • antheam,
  • asthe,
  • anyother,
  • anothor,
  • eatchother,
  • anouther,
  • anouth,
  • anywher,
  • knowthe,
  • anthere,
  • intothe,
  • anoer,
  • anouthert,
  • unwothy,
  • eacthother,
  • anofe,
  • anonther,
  • inother,
  • aouthor,
  • anawer,
  • anwwer,
  • annoyer,
  • anohter,
  • nitheir,
  • anothny,
  • ather,
  • anough,
  • anthym,
  • auhthor,
  • anolther,
  • enuther,
  • anouthe,
  • atthe,
  • anoth,
  • eacother,
  • anethsia,
  • ontothe,
  • anothy.

What is the definition of another?

  1. one more or an added; "another chance"; "another cup of coffee"; "an additional piece of pie"

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This graph shows how "another" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for another?

  1. He invented this idea of telling the life story of a great writer through becoming his characters and becoming him. It was such a pleasure and I thought we must find another writer.
  2. I came from a real tough neighborhood. I put my hand in some cement and felt another hand.
  3. Talking in one language and talking in another, I think inevitably, produce two different personalities, as far as I've seen in other people. I assume it does the same for me.
  4. There is one thing I would break up over, and that is if she caught me with another woman. I won't stand for that.
  5. Half of Google's revenue comes from selling text -based ads that are placed near search results and are related to the topic of the search. Another half of its revenues come from licensing its search technology to companies like Yahoo.

What are the rhymes for another?

  1. uther;
  2. rather, nother, smother, souther, mother, brother, other;

What are the translations for another?

Afrikaans word for Another

´n ander.

Arabic word for Another


Bengali word for Another


Chinese words for Another

另, 另一, 另一个, 另一种, 另有.

Dutch word for Another

een ander.

French words for Another

autre, un autre, un de plus.

German words for Another

andere, eine weitere, ein weiterer, ein weiteres, eine andere, ein anderes, ein anderer, noch eine, anderer, eine zweite, ein zweiter, ein zweites, noch einer, alt, noch ein.

Greek word for Another


Hindi word for Another

एक और.

Italian word for Another

un altro.

Japanese words for Another

もう一つ, もうひとつ, いまいち, アナザー, 何か別, 今一つ, 今一, なにかべつ, いまいっぽ, いまひとつ, 後一歩, いま一歩, 今一歩, 今ひとつ, あといっぽ, イマイチ, あと一歩, いま一つ, もう一つの.

Javanese word for Another


Korean word for Another

또 하나의.

Malay word for Another

Satu lagi.

Marathi word for Another


Norwegian word for Another

en til.

Polish words for Another

inny, kolejny, jeszcze jeden.

Portuguese word for Another


Russian word for Another


Spanish words for Another

otro, adicional.

Swedish word for Another

en annan.

Tamil word for Another


Turkish word for Another

bir diğeri.

Ukrainian word for Another

ще один.