How To Spell individual?

Correct spelling: individual

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What are the translations for individual?

Afrikaans word for Individual


Arabic word for Individual


Chinese word for Individual


Dutch words for Individual

afzonderlijk, persoon, persoonlijk, individueel, enkeling.

French words for Individual

unique, personnel, particulier, propre, seul, individuel, distinct, autonome, personne, individualisé, individu, typique, distinctif, subjectif, individualisée, séparée, individualisés.

German words for Individual

personal, eigen, singulär, einzeln, eigenwillig, Einzelne, Person, Einzelperson, natürliche Person, individuell, Type, Individuum, Privatperson, Einzelmensch, Einzelwesen.

Greek word for Individual


Italian word for Individual


Japanese words for Individual

個人, 個人個人, 個々, 個性的, 一個人, 個別的, 単一, コ, インディビジュアル, こじん, たんいつ, こせいてき, こべつてき, いっこじん, いちこじん, 箇, 個々の.

Korean word for Individual


Polish words for Individual

osoba, indywidualny, jednostka, indywiduum, osobnik.

Portuguese words for Individual

pessoal, sujeito, individualizado, individuais, isolado, personalizada, isolados, isoladas, privadas, únicos, privados, unitários, pessoa, pessoa singular.

Russian words for Individual

отдельный, индивидуальный, персональный, человек, лицо, личность, физическое лицо, частное лицо, особь.

Spanish words for Individual

ser, tipo, sujeto, distinto, propio, individual, persona, individuo, particular, unipersonal, distintivo, separado, seres, individuales.

Turkish word for Individual


Ukrainian word for Individual


Vietnamese word for Individual

cá nhân.