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How To Spell collective?

Correct spelling: collective

Definition of collective:

  1. Collectively.

List of misspellings for collective:

  • collectivitly,
  • collevtive,
  • collectivlly,
  • colllected,
  • eclective,
  • collegitate,
  • collecte,
  • collectin,
  • neglective,
  • colllective,
  • collectavle,
  • clocktower,
  • colelcting,
  • colectin,
  • collegite,
  • clack-eyed pea,
  • colictive,
  • collectivley,
  • collectave,
  • collabortive,
  • colecting,
  • collectet,
  • collegiete,
  • collectoer,
  • collegeite,
  • collecteing,
  • collectted,
  • collaboartive,
  • collectivelyh,
  • qualititive,
  • collectiion,
  • colaboartive,
  • cagliostbo,
  • alective,
  • kldjfioewf,
  • collaboative,
  • collegaite,
  • cocollective,
  • collectivily,
  • cslash top,
  • collectoion,
  • collectore,
  • collabortaive,
  • culumative,
  • colleccted,
  • glkledjf,
  • collectivey,
  • clollecting,
  • clacktop,
  • cogtive,
  • collectivly,
  • talkitive,
  • culmitive,
  • collectivaly,
  • colllecting,
  • cosecutive,
  • collectiing,
  • colelctive,
  • talketive,
  • cllectin,
  • colectively,
  • cagliostpo,
  • reglective,
  • colecten,
  • coorective,
  • coolecting,
  • collecti,
  • couldntve,
  • czlash top,
  • qualatative,
  • clast off,
  • collectiob,
  • colletive,
  • qualatitive,
  • collectting,
  • collectiveley,
  • callected,
  • cllective,
  • collecive,
  • colective,
  • collectice,
  • collative,
  • qualitiative,
  • talkactive,
  • ellective,
  • corective,
  • collectivise,
  • coexecutive,
  • collegeiate,
  • collabartive,
  • sellective,
  • cognictive,
  • cagliostfo,
  • capactive,
  • cagliostvo,
  • colletctive,
  • collectivelly,
  • clastoff,
  • colloected,
  • collectve.

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Quotes for collective:

  1. The sediments of the past are many miles in collective thickness: yet the feeble silt of the rivers built them all from base to summit.
  2. In an individualistic culture, the narcissist is God's gift to the world. In a collectivist society, the narcissist is God's gift to the collective.
  3. Today's message to Baghdad is very clear: the UN Security Council resolution expresses the unity and determination of the entire international community to assume its collective responsibility.
  4. What is reality, anyway? Just a collective hunch.
  5. There is no such thing as collective guilt.

Translations for collective:

Afrikaans words for Collective

groep, kollektiewe.

Arabic word for Collective


Bengali word for Collective


Chinese word for Collective


Dutch words for Collective

gezamenlijk, gemeenschappelijk, collectief, verenigd.

French words for Collective

commun, conjoint, collectif, collégial.

German word for Collective


Greek word for Collective


Italian word for Collective


Japanese word for Collective


Javanese word for Collective


Malay word for Collective


Norwegian word for Collective


Polish word for Collective


Portuguese words for Collective

conjunta, coletivo.

Romanian word for Collective


Russian words for Collective

коллективный, собирательный.

Spanish words for Collective

conjunto, colectivo, unido, compartido.

Swedish word for Collective


Turkish word for Collective


Vietnamese word for Collective

tập thể.