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How To Spell general?

Correct spelling: general

Definition of general:

  1. a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular); "he discussed the general but neglected the particular"

List of misspellings for general:

  • generar,
  • gerneral,
  • seneriol,
  • genernal,
  • genrea,
  • gernerally,
  • generour,
  • generatio,
  • guteral,
  • gerenral,
  • genuenly,
  • genarly,
  • genal,
  • guneral,
  • sineraly,
  • generelly,
  • genere,
  • generes,
  • sicnerely,
  • genuraly,
  • senerial,
  • generallt,
  • gonareha,
  • gneeral,
  • ignoral,
  • generarlly,
  • gnerally,
  • gereral,
  • generlally,
  • genoursly,
  • genecil,
  • grenerally,
  • ginival,
  • genenral,
  • generlaly,
  • generale,
  • genepool,
  • genaral,
  • genral,
  • genrelly,
  • ganeral,
  • fenural,
  • genrale,
  • generas,
  • guerella,
  • geneneral,
  • genertal,
  • genounly,
  • gonorreah,
  • gennerally,
  • gengeral,
  • generou,
  • genurally,
  • genarally,
  • geneal,
  • genreral,
  • gerenal,
  • genberal,
  • geenral,
  • generealy,
  • geneerally,
  • genearl,
  • gerernal,
  • generallly,
  • generraly,
  • neral,
  • reenroll,
  • genuienely,
  • ceneral,
  • geniric,
  • gerenally,
  • genrail,
  • cnetral,
  • genearally,
  • feneral,
  • geneeral,
  • goneril,
  • genereic,
  • genteral,
  • generanly,
  • generly,
  • generaly,
  • genered,
  • generely,
  • genatal,
  • genarel,
  • generle,
  • minneral,
  • generalp,
  • genra,
  • genererally,
  • jeweral,
  • genreal,
  • greneral,
  • genrel,
  • genearlly,
  • genraly,
  • generial,
  • generusly,
  • gerneal.

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General elections are due to be held in India in April or May 2019 to constitute the seventeenth Lok Sabha.

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Singapore's general election to form its 12th Parliament was held on 7 May 2011. The Parliament of Singapore's maximum term is five years, within which it must be dissolved by the President of Singapore and elections held within three months, as stated in the Constitution of Singapore.

United Kingdom general election, 1865


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Rhymes for general:

  1. gen;

Translations for general:

Afrikaans word for General


Arabic word for General


Chinese words for General

普, 综合, 整体, 通用, 一般性, 广义, 笼统, 上将, 将官, 将领, 武将, 军事家, 普通的.

Dutch words for General

algemeen, generaal, algeheel.

French words for General

principal, complet, général, universel, législatif.

German words for General

allgemein, normal, global, total, generell, allseitig, Haupt-.

Greek word for General


Hindi word for General


Italian word for General


Japanese words for General

一般的, ジェネラル, 将軍, 全般的, 原則的, 陸将, 司令官, 普偏, げんそくてき, ぐんもん, がいねんてき, 普辺, 将官, ふていしょう, しょうぐん, 軍門, りくしょう, 不定称, しれいかん, ふへん, しょうかん, 概念的, ぜんぱんてき.

Javanese word for General


Korean word for General


Norwegian word for General


Polish words for General

walny, powszechny, centralny, generalny, ogólnikowy.

Portuguese words for General

ampla, comum, abrangente, geral, gerais, extensivo, genérico, genérica.

Spanish word for General


Swedish word for General


Tamil word for General


Turkish word for General


Ukrainian word for General


Vietnamese word for General