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How To Spell average?

Correct spelling: average

List of misspellings for average:

  • everyweek,
  • averagage,
  • avereg,
  • aferage,
  • civerage,
  • arerage,
  • avaergae,
  • ivillage,
  • everage,
  • acrege,
  • bevarage,
  • advrege,
  • averagly,
  • verage,
  • advrage,
  • averge,
  • ackerage,
  • overusage,
  • bevrage,
  • avendge,
  • adveradge,
  • averagew,
  • averahe,
  • everygame,
  • avereages,
  • averagin,
  • eneragy,
  • averagel,
  • avaerge,
  • acearage,
  • avrage,
  • avearge,
  • avridge,
  • averall,
  • averae,
  • averagng,
  • avarege,
  • everyoe,
  • avage,
  • goverage,
  • arthragia,
  • averag,
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  • aferca,
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  • overrange.

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This graph shows how "average" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for average:

  1. So many people comment that I'm much more mature than average. In this business, you can get taken advantage of if you're not aware and you're not tough.
  2. A market where chief executive officers make 262 times that of the average worker and 821 times that of the minimum -wage worker is not a market that is working well. And it is surely not working well enough to build a solid middle class.
  3. Average Americans are going to win this, not me. And not just your organization, not just the providers of health care, but the American people are going to cause this to happen. But they have to keep sending those cards and letters.
  4. For me the writing, when I'm going to direct it myself, is really just the first draft, and I don't change it very much; I only change it on average about two lines per movie.
  5. The sanity of the average banquet speaker lasts about two and a half months; at the end of that time he begins to mutter to himself, and calls out in his sleep.

Translations for average:

Afrikaans word for Average


Arabic word for Average


Chinese words for Average

平平, 平均值, 平均数, 通俗, 平均的.

Dutch words for Average

gewoon, gemiddelde, middelmatig.

French words for Average

moyenne, moyen, ordinaire, médiocre, faire la moyenne, ordinaires.

German words for Average

normal, Mittel, Mittelwert, Durchschnitt, durchschnittlich, mittelmäßig, durchschnittlich betragen, durchschnittlich verdienen, im Durchschnitt ausmachen, regulär, Havarie, Haverei, Seeschaden, mittlere, im Durchschnitt betragen.

Greek word for Average


Hindi word for Average


Japanese words for Average

平均的, アベレージ, 平し, 中等, ならし, 世間並み, 平す, 均し, へいきんてき, 均す, 平均の.

Javanese words for Average

Media, Rata-rata.

Korean word for Average


Malay word for Average


Norwegian word for Average


Polish words for Average

typowy, przeciętny, uśredniony.

Portuguese words for Average

médio, média, normais, intermédio, moderada.

Romanian word for Average


Spanish words for Average

medio, promedio, mediano, cociente.

Swedish word for Average


Tamil word for Average


Turkish word for Average


Ukrainian word for Average