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How To Spell common?

Correct spelling: common

Definition of common:

  1. of no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual; "the common man"; "a common sailor"; "the common cold"; "a common nuisance"; "followed common procedure"; "it is common knowledge that she lives alone"; "the common housefly"; "a common brand of soap"

List of misspellings for common:

  • caman,
  • communi,
  • comeone,
  • commision,
  • acommon,
  • commonon,
  • coomunal,
  • commenly,
  • comeign,
  • comin,
  • comcern,
  • commual,
  • coommon,
  • connamon,
  • comtain,
  • sommeone,
  • caymen,
  • corcorn,
  • compayn,
  • comdo,
  • comiming,
  • commion,
  • commonar,
  • pokmone,
  • commosion,
  • comgin,
  • commisoner,
  • pokeymon,
  • komen,
  • copmany,
  • commiing,
  • cammo,
  • goeman,
  • comlain,
  • womone,
  • comoun,
  • commona,
  • comain,
  • commeon,
  • commig,
  • ecomany,
  • comeon,
  • gamon,
  • commong,
  • cmaeorn,
  • comeout,
  • commonoly,
  • compoany,
  • cominq,
  • comong,
  • coluomn,
  • ecomoney,
  • comein,
  • comanpy,
  • componay,
  • comtine,
  • coiming,
  • comons,
  • cummunal,
  • commonley,
  • cooton,
  • cummin,
  • compeny,
  • comonay,
  • colman,
  • communual,
  • compuny,
  • ecomony,
  • komono,
  • commmon,
  • skorman,
  • commpany,
  • wommen,
  • commmen,
  • comune,
  • commisson,
  • colomn,
  • camono,
  • commernt,
  • recommen,
  • cameorn,
  • combion,
  • comeron,
  • comminig,
  • compony,
  • cominh,
  • coomon,
  • commo,
  • comne,
  • camon,
  • comen,
  • ecomonay,
  • coson,
  • colmn,
  • codemn,
  • commom,
  • coocon,
  • comision,
  • cameon,
  • comapnay.

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Common Hibiscus



Hibiscus syriacus is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family Malvaceae, native to India and much of Asia. It was given the epithet syriacus because it had been collected from gardens in Syria.

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Rhymes for common:

  1. rahman, raman, aman;
  2. uncommon;

Translations for common:

Afrikaans words for Common

gemeen, gemeenskaplike.

Arabic word for Common


Bengali word for Common


Chinese words for Common

共, 共享, 共通, 常用, 公用, 常见的.

Dutch words for Common

gewoon, algemeen, gezamenlijk, gemeenschappelijk, veelvoorkomend, gemeenschappelijk.

French words for Common

courant, habituel, simple, ordinaire, commun, partagé, mutuel, vulgaire, mitoyen, notoire, diffusé, classique, communautaire, ordinaires, usuel, répandus, répandue, répandues.

German words for Common

gemeinsam, üblich, häufig, gebräuchlich, geläufig, allgemein, gemein, einfach, allgemein bekannt, normal, gewöhnlich, alltäglich, gemeinschaftlich, vulgär, weitverbreitet, herkömmlich, landläufig, unmondän, ordinär, trivial, banal.

Greek word for Common


Italian words for Common

diffuso, comune, generale, diffusi.

Japanese words for Common

コモン, 一般, なお, 当たり前, 徒, 共有地, ひら, きょうゆうち, ぼんじょう, つうじょう, 滅多, 腥い, 尋常, じんじょう, ざら, 在り来り, 当り前, へいみんてき, 但, つうぞく, 有り勝ち, 通俗, へいぼん, ひとすじ, 頻出, 共立, いっぱん, タダ, ぞく, 月並み, 月並, ごろんごろん, なまぐさい, 普通の.

Javanese word for Common


Korean word for Common


Malay word for Common


Norwegian word for Common


Polish words for Common

wspólny, powszechny, częsty, popularny, typowy, pospolity, rozpowszechniony.

Portuguese words for Common

comum, corrente, geral, frequente, conjunta, compartilhado, comuns, mútuo, ordinário, corriqueiro, habituais, coletivo, colectiva, ordinárias, frequentes, consuetudinário, costumeiro, partilhado.

Romanian word for Common


Russian word for Common


Spanish words for Common

conjunto, corriente, colectivo, llano, habitual, frecuente, habituales, comunes, compartido, conjuntos, frecuentes, usual, corrientes, generalizada, convergente.

Turkish word for Common


Ukrainian word for Common


Vietnamese word for Common

phổ biến.