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Spell Check of hack

Correct spelling: hack


Definition of hack:

  1. A notch; a cut.
  2. Hired; much used or worn.
  3. A horse kept for hire; a horse worn out with hard work; a person employed in literary drudgery.
  4. A sort of frame; a rack.
  5. To cut irregularly and into small pieces; to notch; to mangle or chop.
  6. To let out on hire.

Common misspellings for hack:

hak, hvac, chack, ack, hacket, hac, hacke, heak, hach.

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This graph shows how "hack" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for hack:

  1. And the baronet stuck his glass in his eye, and scanned the stranger as unscrupulously as though he were a hack at Tattersairs. "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)" , Charles James Lever.

Quotes for hack:

  1. Hack fiction exploits curiosity without really satisfying it or making connections between it and anything else in the world. - Vincent Canby
  2. It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential. - Bruce Lee
  3. Any type of operating system that I wanted to be able to hack, I basically compromised the source code, copied it over to the university because I didn't have enough space on my 200 megabyte hard drive. - Kevin Mitnick
  4. Have you ever found any logical reason why mutual promises are sufficient consideration for one another( like the two lean horses of a Calcutta hack who can only just stand together)? I have not. - Frederick Pollock
  5. I don't know a lot of agents like Al Hack. - Mark Rydell

Rhymes for hack:

  1. aback, arrack, attack, knick-knack, repack.
  2. ack, akc, back, bak, black, brac, brack, braque, cac, caq, clack, crack, dac, dack, fac, flack, flak, haq, jac, jack, knack, lac, lack, lak, mac, mack, mak, nack, pac, pack, pak, paque, plack, plaque, quack, rack, rak, sac, sack, sak, shack, shaq, slack, smack, snack, spak, stac, stack, tac, tack, tak, trac, track, trak, unpack, wack, whack, wrack, yack, yak, zach, zack, zak.
  3. dak.

Idioms for hack:

  1. hack around
  2. hack sth up
  3. hack sth down
  4. hack ( away) at sm or sth
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