How To Spell cope?

Correct spelling: cope

What is the definition of cope?

  1. A covering for the head.

What does the abbreviation cope mean?


Cope as a boy's name is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Cope is "cape". Probably an occupational name referring to the long cape worn by a bishop of the Catholic or Anglican church.

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What are the rhymes for cope?

  1. rope, lope, pope, slope, hope, shope, soap, sope, mope, tope, grope, kope, scope, nope;
  2. elope;

What are the translations for cope?

Afrikaans word for Cope


Arabic word for Cope

يَتَغَلَّبُ عَلَى.

Bengali word for Cope


Dutch words for Cope

verwerken, aankunnen.

French words for Cope

surmonter, chape, se débrouiller, réagir.

German words for Cope

Mantel, zurechtkommen.

Greek word for Cope

αντιμετωπίζω επιτυχώς.

Italian word for Cope

far fronte.

Japanese word for Cope


Javanese word for Cope


Korean word for Cope


Malay word for Cope


Norwegian word for Cope

klare brasene.

Polish words for Cope

kapa, poradzić sobie.

Portuguese words for Cope

aguentar, lidar.

Russian word for Cope


Spanish words for Cope

seguir, afrontar, sobrellevar, manejarse, contender.

Swedish word for Cope

klara av.

Tamil word for Cope


Turkish word for Cope

başa çıkmak.

Vietnamese word for Cope

đối phó.