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Spell Check of cope

Correct spelling: cope

Definition of cope:

1) come to terms or deal successfully with; " We got by on just a gallon of gas"; " They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"

2) brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall

3) A covering for the head.

4) Anything regarded as extended over the head, as the arch or concave of the sky, the roof of a house, the arch over a door.

5) An ecclesiastical vestment or cloak, semicircular in form, reaching from the shoulders nearly to the feet, and open in front except at the top, where it is united by a band or clasp. It is worn in processions and on some other occasions.

6) An ancient tribute due to the lord of the soil, out of the lead mines in Derbyshire, England.

7) The top part of a flask or mold; the outer part of a loam mold.

8) To form a cope or arch; to bend or arch; to bow.

9) To pare the beak or talons of ( a hawk).

10) To exchange or barter.

11) To encounter; to meet; to have to do with.

12) To enter into or maintain a hostile contest; to struggle; to combat; especially, to strive or contend on equal terms or with success; to match; to equal; -- usually followed by with.

13) To bargain for; to buy.

14) To make return for; to requite; to repay.

15) To match one's self against; to meet; to encounter.

Common misspellings for cope:

  • copel (17%)
  • cowpea (17%)
  • cope (17%)
  • bycical (8%)
  • coope (8%)
  • compe (8%)
  • cople (8%)
  • cp (8%)
  • ope (8%)
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Meaning: cape

Origin: English

Cope as a boy's name is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Cope is "cape". Probably an occupational name referring to the long cape worn by a bishop of the Catholic or Anglican church.

Sounds Like: Cobi, Cobe, Cabe, Capp, Cap, Cobb, Coby, Kobe, Cobie, Cobey, Coop, Cob.

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