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How To Spell coup?

Correct spelling: coup

Definition of coup:

  1. a brilliant and notable success

List of misspellings for coup:

  • grooup,
  • colpor,
  • goopy,
  • ocupie,
  • jacop,
  • couph,
  • ccopy,
  • goupr,
  • beckup,
  • yopu,
  • coupn,
  • crupy,
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  • grourp,
  • couer.

What does the abbreviation coup mean?


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Rhymes for coup:

  1. stew, xue, lu, chou, doo, foo, cue, ou, zhou, zoo, tue, u, su, tew, hoo, q, fu, jew, view, yue, hew, sioux, clue, siew, flu, coo, uwe, true, skew, nu, shrew, pooh, phu, slew, pew, phew, coups, thru, ku, thew, shoe, beu, ooh, gu, drew, crewe, pugh, lieu, leu, woo, chew, lew, shew, jue, ewe, zhu, lue, douwe, pou, blew, kyu, cou, ju, hsu, xu, glue, spew, tu, rew, yew, hue, hugh, stu, dru, trew, mew, mu, pru, chu, du, boo, brew, dew, prue, two, do, soo, koo, pu, few, kew, loo, you, knew, strew, rue, yoo, yu, qu, que, thuy, who, shu, vue, chiu, hou, goo, liu, flue, gnu, queue, moo, grew, too, vu, through, shoo, glew, bleu, new, flew, wu, whew, poo, ru, lou, crew, zue, blue, gue, threw, due, joo, hewe, sue, hu, screw;
  2. m2, ensue, purdue, revue, peru, miscue, anew, fondue, renew, babu, abou, urdu, c2, accrue, reto, askew, cebu, mchugh, leroux, construe, kazoo, into, bamboo, pursue, untrue, withdrew, subdue, debut, fitzhugh, ague, outdo, cat-2, unglue, undo, ragu, larue, outgrew, tatu, perdue, kwangju, wahoo, tattoo, zanu, baku, shampoo, liou, imbue, undue, adieu, ado, canoe, redo, taboo, eschew, review;
  3. katmandu, depardieu, timbuktu, hitherto, overdue, overdo, isu, iou, suu, byu, overthrew, kangaroo, misconstrue;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for coup:

Arabic word for Coup


Chinese word for Coup


Dutch words for Coup

staatsgreep, prestatie, machtsovername, slimme zet, machtsgreep, goede zet.

French words for Coup

succès, coup d´État.

German words for Coup

Schlag, Streich, Staatsstreich, Coup, Putsch, Umsturz, Putschversuch, gelungener Streich.

Greek word for Coup


Hindi word for Coup


Italian word for Coup

colpo di Stato.

Japanese word for Coup


Javanese word for Coup


Korean word for Coup


Malay word for Coup

Rampasan kuasa.

Marathi word for Coup

आकस्मिक जोरदार हल्ला.

Norwegian word for Coup


Polish word for Coup

zamach stanu.

Portuguese word for Coup

golpe (de estado).

Romanian word for Coup

lovitură de stat.

Spanish words for Coup

golpe, logro, golpe maestro.

Tamil word for Coup


Turkish word for Coup


Ukrainian word for Coup


Vietnamese word for Coup

cuộc đảo chính.