How To Spell copy?

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What does the abbreviation copy mean?

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What are the rhymes for copy?

  1. floppy, choppy, poppy, sloppy;
  2. jalopy;

What are the translations for copy?

Arabic word for Copy


Chinese words for Copy

副本, 录, 复本, 描, 印本, 抄袭, 摹, 仿造, 传写, 照搬, 仿傚, 抄写, 照原样, 缮写, 移用.

Dutch words for Copy

overschrijven, afschrift, exemplaar, kopiëren.

French words for Copy

sauvegarde, reproduction, duplicata, copie, copier, reproduire, exemplaire, recopier, photocopier, dupliquer, imiter, calquer, photocopie.

German words for Copy

abzeichnen, Abzug, Druckvorlage, Replik, pausen, abpausen, Exemplar, abmalen, Abdruck, nachbilden, Abschrift, Durchschlag, Abbild, Ausfertigung, Kopie, Nachbildung, Imitation, kopieren, abschreiben, imitieren, nachahmen, Double, reproduzieren, nachmachen, Reproduktion, Text, Zweitausfertigung, Nachahmung, Fotokopie, Durchschrift, Photokopie, Abklatsch, Ablichtung, Replikat, Zweitschrift, duplizieren, abgucken, nachformen, ablichten, nachäffen.

Greek word for Copy


Hindi word for Copy


Italian word for Copy

copia esemplare.

Japanese words for Copy

コピー, 写し, 副本, 原稿, 謄写, 荷足り, 擬製, ふくしょ, ぎす, 後追い, 複本, 擬す, ふくほん, ぎせい, コピる, 擬する, あとおい, 跡追い, 粉本, ふんぽん, ふくしゃ, 副書, とうしゃ, げんこう, ふくせいひん, ひかえ, うつし, 複製.

Korean word for Copy


Malay words for Copy

Kopi, Salinan.

Marathi word for Copy

कॉपी करा.

Polish word for Copy


Portuguese word for Copy


Russian words for Copy

копия, копировальный.

Spanish words for Copy

reproducir, copia, ejemplar, imitar, copiar, fotocopia, reproducción, fotocopiar, duplicado.

Tamil word for Copy


Turkish word for Copy


Ukrainian word for Copy