How To Spell double?

Correct spelling: double

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What are the rhymes for double?

  1. hubble, stubble, trouble, rubble, bubble, hubbell;
  2. redouble;

What are the translations for double?

Afrikaans word for Double


Arabic word for Double


Bengali word for Double


Chinese word for Double


Dutch words for Double

zich verdubbelen, verdubbelen, dubbel, tweemaal, terugkeren, hypocriet, binair, tweeledig, tweevoudig, dubbelvouwen, tweemaal zo groot maken, doubleren, tweedelig, dubbelhartig, oneerlijk.

French words for Double

doubler, doublure, à deux, replier, redoubler, plier en deux, multiplier par deux, géminé, sosie.

German words for Double

kontra, doppelt, zweifach, verdoppeln, sich verdoppeln, Double, doppeln, dublieren, Kontra sagen, doppelt nehmen, Doppelgängerin, Pasch.

Greek word for Double


Hindi word for Double


Italian words for Double

doppio, duplice.

Japanese words for Double

ダブル, 二重, 倍, 倍増, 二倍, 倍にする, 2倍, 二組, 二塁打, 二連, 複, にじゅう, ばいにする, 折曲げる, ばい, 代り役, だいやく, 2組, ばいぞう, かえだま, にれん, ふたえ, にるいだ, ふたくみ, にばい, 代役, かわりやく, 2倍の.

Korean word for Double

두 배의.

Norwegian word for Double


Polish word for Double


Portuguese words for Double

dobrar, duplo, dobro, duas vezes.

Romanian word for Double


Russian words for Double

двойной, двузначный, двойник, дубль.

Spanish words for Double

doblar, redoblar, doblado, repetir, doblarse, doble, duplicar, duplicarse.

Ukrainian word for Double


Vietnamese word for Double

gấp đôi.