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Spell Check of alley

Correct spelling: alley

Common misspellings for alley:

  • aley (28%)
  • alliey (24%)
  • aliey (10%)
  • alle (7%)
  • slley (7%)
  • ley (3%)
  • calley (3%)
  • allie (3%)
  • alliy (3%)
  • alli (3%)
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Meaning: precious

Origin: German

Alley as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Alley), is a variant of Alan (Old German), and the meaning of Alley is "precious".

Sounds Like: Willey, Olley, Allie, Aly, Juley, Olle, Wiley.




Alley as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Alley), is a variant of Allie.

Sounds Like: Aley, Ailey, Ally, Alle.

Examples of usage for alley:

1) For this reason the experiment is being made of taking officers direct from civil life on short engagements, and at the same time endeavouring to ensure, by technical and general education, that the Royal Air Force shall not become a blind- alley occupation.

2) He sprang up and put on his overcoat, then slipped out by the rear exit into the alley.

3) He could not be quite sure of it because that was the very moment something inside rapidly wheeled him about and sent him all but running out of the alley.

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