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How To Spell goal?

Correct spelling: goal

What are the misspellings for goal ?

  • goall,
  • gial,
  • quale,
  • hoal,
  • gorls,
  • gosl,
  • wohl,
  • greal,
  • goally,
  • guall,
  • goasl,
  • goel,
  • galor,
  • gol,
  • taoal,
  • loocal,
  • genal,
  • gooals,
  • koehlr,
  • foacl,
  • gornala,
  • jounal,
  • you'all,
  • gormae,
  • socal,
  • goodl,
  • golld,
  • loccal,
  • quala,
  • legual,
  • wlal,
  • golaith,
  • geneal,
  • gual,
  • loacl,
  • woal,
  • roal,
  • ligal,
  • vokal,
  • gloww,
  • goalt,
  • godl,
  • toaly,
  • loual,
  • goalss,
  • glowy,
  • egual,
  • goole,
  • goulf,
  • mogual,
  • gobal,
  • quial,
  • vogal,
  • grairl,
  • goliah,
  • digial,
  • toal,
  • giral,
  • goaliw,
  • goald,
  • joal,
  • goaway,
  • gaol,
  • goany,
  • giorl,
  • roual,
  • roayl,
  • tocall,
  • gloor,
  • legeal,
  • loacal,
  • goul,
  • goais,
  • lcoal,
  • golle,
  • goalf,
  • gimli,
  • goil,
  • glail,
  • mughal,
  • coalc,
  • koral,
  • caorl,
  • voal,
  • gmail,
  • golie,
  • garli,
  • gigal,
  • legial,
  • quali,
  • youall,
  • fgeel,
  • eqeal,
  • goble,
  • gurle,
  • goold,
  • gasoil,
  • coual,
  • gowl,
  • laocl.

What is the definition of goal?

  1. a successful attempt at scoring; "the winning goal came with less than a minute left to play"

What does the abbreviation goal mean?

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What are the quotes for goal?

  1. I believe it's time to put our best ideas on the table and work toward a bipartisan solution, with the single goal of leaving the Social Security system stronger than we found it.
  2. If the student could give up her work on my advice, she had better give it up without it. One does not study for a goal. The goal is a mere accident.
  3. The primary, the fundamental, the essential purpose of the United Nations is to keep peace. Everything it does which helps prevent World War III is good. Everything which does not further that goal, either directly or indirectly, is at best superfluous.
  4. I want to do it for myself. It's my goal and dream. All I can ask for is to get the chance and go out there and do the best I can, be as ready as I can.
  5. Our goal is to leverage what is already out in the field in terms of partners, but then hire in project management capability and a bit of technical capability.

What are the rhymes for goal?

  1. skoal, noll, tole, poll, kol, whole, shoal, ohl, seoul, sole, kohl, stol, sol, role, soul, nohl, knoll, scroll, wohl, bowl, thole, roll, coal, dhole, stole, sowle, sohl, nole, noell, boll, mole, buol, dole, toll, pole, rol, bole, kole, cole, stroll, droll, roehl, rolle, hole, troll, pohl, colle, foal;
  2. enroll, pistole, viole, unroll, patrol, control, ole, console, cajole, nicolle, nicole, ecole, parole, extol;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

What are the translations for goal?

Dutch words for Goal

doel, doelstelling, streven, doelpunt, cel, oogmerk, doeleinde.

French words for Goal

but, objectif, dessein, fin, ambition, cage.

German words for Goal

Zweck, Ziel, Zielsetzung, Zielstellung, Kasten, Tor, Treffer, Goal, Zielpunkt, Torerfolg.

Italian word for Goal


Japanese words for Goal

目的, ゴール, 目指し, 終着点, しゅうちゃくてん.

Polish words for Goal

żądanie, zamiar, intencja, zamierzenie, bramka.

Portuguese words for Goal

alvo, objectivo, finalidade, fim, intuito, golo.

Russian words for Goal

гол, место назначения.

Spanish words for Goal

tanto, objetivo, objeto, finalidad, gol, portería, arco, logro, destino, puerta, baliza, ambición.