How To Spell goal?

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What does the abbreviation goal mean?

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What are the rhymes for goal?

  1. skoal, noll, tole, poll, kol, whole, shoal, ohl, seoul, sole, kohl, stol, sol, role, soul, nohl, knoll, scroll, wohl, bowl, thole, roll, coal, dhole, stole, sowle, sohl, nole, noell, boll, mole, buol, dole, toll, pole, rol, bole, kole, cole, stroll, droll, roehl, rolle, hole, troll, pohl, colle, foal;
  2. enroll, pistole, viole, unroll, patrol, control, ole, console, cajole, nicolle, nicole, ecole, parole, extol;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

What are the translations for goal?

Dutch words for Goal

doel, doelstelling, streven, doelpunt, cel, oogmerk, doeleinde.

French words for Goal

but, objectif, dessein, fin, ambition, cage.

German words for Goal

Zweck, Ziel, Zielsetzung, Zielstellung, Kasten, Tor, Treffer, Goal, Zielpunkt, Torerfolg.

Italian word for Goal


Japanese words for Goal

目的, ゴール, 目指し, 終着点, しゅうちゃくてん.

Polish words for Goal

żądanie, zamiar, intencja, zamierzenie, bramka.

Portuguese words for Goal

alvo, objectivo, finalidade, fim, intuito, golo.

Russian words for Goal

гол, место назначения.

Spanish words for Goal

tanto, objetivo, objeto, finalidad, gol, portería, arco, logro, destino, puerta, baliza, ambición.