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How To Spell design?

Correct spelling: design

Definition of design:

  1. make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack"

List of misspellings for design:

  • diecisien,
  • desingn,
  • desney,
  • decsiion,
  • desiginer,
  • desstion,
  • desinged,
  • destny,
  • desiogned,
  • desening,
  • deisgn,
  • direcion,
  • destiany,
  • deisize,
  • decisiion,
  • desir,
  • dealign,
  • descern,
  • usein,
  • deside,
  • desighnes,
  • odsing,
  • dresing,
  • desscion,
  • desigs,
  • delsuion,
  • desogned,
  • doesen,
  • desern,
  • desine,
  • discing,
  • dvison,
  • deiscion,
  • desging,
  • desriing,
  • tosign,
  • doesn,
  • deasign,
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  • doesn'e,
  • desoite,
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  • descicon.

What does the abbreviation design mean?

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César Award for Best Production Design



This is the list of winners and nominees of the César Award for Best Production Design.

Industrial Design Centre


Design institute in Mumbai, India

Industrial Design Centre is one of the oldest design schools in India, established in 1969 by the Government of India at the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Pacific Design Center


Building in West Hollywood, California

The Pacific Design Center, or PDC, is a 1,600,000-square-foot multi-use facility for the design community located in West Hollywood, California.

Packet Design



Packet Design is an Austin, Texas-based network performance management software company credited with pioneering Route Analytics technology.

Stamen Design


Data visualization company

Stamen is an internationally recognized data visualization design studio based in San Francisco, California. The studio develops projects for a broad range of clients, including National Geographic, Facebook and The Dalai Lama.

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Translations for design:

Arabic word for Design


Bengali word for Design


Chinese words for Design

设计, 形质.

Dutch words for Design

motief, ontwerp, vormgeving, patroon, inrichting, constructie, uitvoering, schets, ontwerptekening.

French words for Design

conception, modèle, forme, motif, dessein, concevoir, dessiner, élaborer, modéliser, planification, projet, imaginer, combiner, architecture, esquisse, croquer.

German words for Design

Plan, planen, Intention, Planung, vorsehen, Anordnung, Entwicklung, Skizze, Entwurf, entwerfen, skizzieren, Design, Gestaltung, Konstruktion, Muster, Dessin, gestalten, konzipieren, auslegen, konstruieren, designen, Aufbau, beabsichtigen, entwickeln, Zeichnung, Konzeption, Form, Modell, Auslegung, Bauweise, Formgebung, Bauart, Ausgestaltung, Formgestaltung, Konstruktionslehre, Machart, zeichnen, ausbilden, Projekt, Model.

Greek word for Design


Hindi word for Design


Italian words for Design

progetto, modello, disegno.

Japanese words for Design

設計, 意匠, 趣向, 下絵, 絵様, デシネ, えがら, えよう, 企み, 企てる, いしょう, あや, たくらみ, くわだてる, デザイン.

Javanese word for Design


Korean word for Design


Malay word for Design

Reka bentuk.

Marathi word for Design


Polish words for Design

koncepcja, konstrukcja, wzornictwo, zaprojektowanie.

Portuguese words for Design

concepção, projeto, desenho, projetar, desenhar, planejar, projecto, conceber, desenvolver, planejamento, projectar, desígnio, elaboração, formulação.

Romanian word for Design


Russian words for Design

план, дизайн, замысел.

Spanish words for Design

plano, esquema, estilo, proyecto, elaborar, motivo, modelo, criar, proyectar, concebir, planear, planificar, preparar, dibujo, concepción, idear, boceto, formato, estructurar, arquitectura, concepto, designio.

Swedish word for Design


Tamil word for Design


Turkish word for Design


Ukrainian word for Design


Vietnamese word for Design

nghệ thuật thiết kế.