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How To Spell formation?

Correct spelling: formation

Definition of formation:

  1. natural process that causes something to form; "the formation of gas in the intestine"; "the formation of crystals"; "the formation of pseudopods"

List of misspellings for formation:

  • fatuation,
  • iflamation,
  • founation,
  • formaulation,
  • formtaion,
  • formatoin,
  • fortion,
  • finformation,
  • comtion,
  • pormotion,
  • formatiing,
  • cermuchon,
  • reforamtion,
  • comition,
  • foration,
  • formigation,
  • commuation,
  • formentioned,
  • imfomation,
  • auomation,
  • filiation,
  • nformational,
  • formattion,
  • fumagation,
  • formaton,
  • affrimation,
  • defromation,
  • defermetion,
  • iformation,
  • formalin,
  • floation,
  • formualtion,
  • movation,
  • fummigation,
  • formuation,
  • iformtion,
  • funimation,
  • corformation,
  • foudation,
  • formtion,
  • fedeartion,
  • lnformation,
  • fasciation,
  • forchon,
  • formaiton,
  • ifromation,
  • refomation,
  • nflammation,
  • fomation,
  • moviation,
  • termation,
  • formaina,
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  • afirmation,
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  • formationthe,
  • cometion,
  • formashion,
  • rmation.

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Bazhenov Formation


The Bazhenov Formation or Bazhenov Shale is a stratum in the West Siberian basin. It was formed from sediment deposited in a deep-water sea in Tithonian–early Berriasian time.

Lameta Formation


Rock formation

The Lameta Formation is a sedimentary rock formation found in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, India. It is of Maastrichtian age, and is notable for its dinosaur fossils.

Santana Formation


Geological formation

The Santana Formation is a geologic Lagerstätte in northeastern Brazil's Araripe Basin where the states of Pernambuco, Piauí and Ceará come together.

Toroweap Formation


Geological formation

The Middle Permian Toroweap Formation is a thin, darker geologic unit, between the brighter colored units of the Kaibab Limestone above, and Coconino Sandstone below.

Wessex Formation


Geological formation

The Wessex Formation is a fossil-rich English geological formation that dates from the Berriasian to Barremian stages of the Early Cretaceous.

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Rhymes for formation:

  1. exploration, commercialization, fortification, radiation, ventilation, stagnation, consideration, conversation, articulation, assimilation, affrication, confabulation, ovation, detoxification, decapitation, explication, fumigation, translation, arbitration, augmentation, consummation, victimization, commemoration, inflation, notation, discontinuation, qualification, impregnation, relaxation, approbation, gastrulation, criminalization, exclamation, molestation, replication, celebration, reexamination, repatriation, privation, ministration, indemnification, permutation, dispensation, legalization, cooperation, ramification, suburbanization, indoctrination, moderation, dissociation, indexation, desegregation, habitation, discrimination, commendation, exhumation, reconfiguration, motivation, normalization, alienation, negotiation, precipitation, deformation, condemnation, misinterpretation, overpopulation, authorization, nondiscrimination, lactation, mobilization, denationalization, disorganization, amplification, immigration, consultation, demarcation, rumination, notification, intensification, destination, dalmatian, emigration, renomination, purification, alteration, denomination, sedation, standardization, amputation, deflation, desalination, recuperation, diversification, appreciation, instrumentation, obfuscation, implementation, manifestation, depredation, reiteration, incantation, sarmatian, invitation, expropriation, application, consolation, lubrication, annihilation, information, inspiration, undervaluation, initiation, quantification, procreation, narration, depopulation, graduation, renegotiation, mitigation, vibration, automation, perforation, reverberation, contamination, intimidation, optimization, violation, fragmentation, aggravation, dehydration, allocation, recrimination, stimulation, confrontation, constipation, validation, destabilization, derivation, nitration, stabilization, rededication, appalachian, flotation, corporation, intonation, insemination, misappropriation, resignation, preparation, declaration, approximation, protestation, renunciation, exoneration, redecoration, culmination, dictation, hibernation, disembarkation, personification, configuration, anticipation, evaluation, industrialization, admiration, emanation, devastation, incrustation, manipulation, levitation, deportation, rectification, imagination, desperation, oscillation, excommunication, subluxation, fibrillation, condensation, hydrogenation, compensation, collectivization, specialization, optation, cogitation, recantation, elation, reincarnation, agitation, exaggeration, foliation, proration, sequestration, elaboration, decontamination, transformation, saponification, centralization, disinformation, glorification, vacation, granulation, impersonation, menstruation, gyration, westernization, identification, connotation, exacerbation, illumination, hospitalization, bifurcation, profanation, computerization, cohabitation, mutation, legislation, gravitation, perpetuation, ligation, donation, dissemination, assassination, conflagration, electrification, consolidation, deification, fixation, segregation, miniaturization, edification, resuscitation, adjudication, quotation, insinuation, polarization, dramatization, coronation, incarceration, subordination, pressurization, origination, dehumanization, regimentation, horatian, isolation, demonstration, conjugation, association, ionization, rationalization, tabulation, plantation, vacillation, renovation, utilization, compilation, inauguration, altercation, damnation, investigation, gasification, preoccupation, respiration, urbanization, glaciation, irritation, embarkation, adulation, desolation, location, modulation, realization, elevation, stipulation, migration, incoordination, hyperinflation, reparation, characterization, reconfirmation, invocation, fabrication, publication, reclamation, remuneration, probation, rejuvenation, amelioration, agglomeration, explanation, magnetization, hybridization, incarnation, capitulation, invalidation, adaptation, modification, generalization, reservation, interpretation, intoxication, echolocation, magnification, evaporation, reunification, accumulation, decertification, classification, pollination, ejaculation, enumeration, vilification, temptation, overvaluation, filtration, recommendation, incorporation, perspiration, improvisation, regulation, nullification, observation, situation, expatriation, designation, humiliation, exhortation, sanitation, refrigeration, usurpation, liberation, contemplation, duration, animation, incapacitation, hesitation, categorization, corroboration, liquidation, machination, premeditation, cultivation, depravation, frustration, insubordination, foundation, politicization, reaffirmation, syndication, reaffiliation, innovation, infatuation, punctuation, ordination, localization, integration, reinterpretation, authentication, confirmation, fertilization, incrimination, simplification, modernization, allegation, representation, affirmation, orientation, dissertation, popularization, disputation, neutralization, infestation, vocation, complication, pasteurization, masturbation, deliberation, irradiation, medication, sanctification, multiplication, affectation, illustration, salvation, delegation, crustacean, generation, regeneration, formulation, palpitation, sedimentation, instigation, fluctuation, annotation, liberalization, prognostication, exfoliation, maturation, transportation, immunization, demonization, dislocation, deviation, amortization, personalization, perturbation, creation, solicitation, sterilization, registration, negation, population, expiration, desalinization, ovulation, collaboration, organization, dilation, installation, evacuation, coordination, facilitation, laceration, oxidation, elongation, gestation, pacification, indentation, amalgamation, telecommunication, occupation, duplication, reconciliation, concatenation, presentation, repudiation, estimation, aspiration, harmonization, substantiation, malformation, determination, annexation, predestination, vegetation, correlation, prostration, croatian, flirtation, documentation, deceleration, transillumination, demodulation, appellation, miscalculation, navigation, evocation, pontification, disinclination, denunciation, disqualification, falsification, relation, exasperation, deforestation, decentralization, consecration, triangulation, democratization, recreation, transplantation, dilatation, education, civilization, clarification, hydration, reclassification, misinformation, sensation, prefabrication, inactivation, congratulation, discoloration, pigmentation, conglomeration, defamation, suffocation, simulation, reflation, congregation, vindication, visitation, verification, conservation, coloration, adoration, colonization, certification, aviation, hallucination, procrastination, participation, degeneration, avocation, nonproliferation, insulation, miseration, vulgarization, saturation, reorganization, litigation, excitation, affiliation, confiscation, fluoridation, indignation, reallocation, nucleation, desecration, mechanization, demoralization, valuation, securitization, balkanization, disorientation, inhabitation, dissipation, strangulation, figuration, pronunciation, cremation, ossification, misapplication, implantation, calculation, detonation, mutilation, concentration, domination, visualization, obligation, privatization, preservation, excavation, recertification, infiltration, tribulation, inundation, federation, maximization, limitation, coagulation, pagination, delineation, organisation, toleration, self-congratulation, constellation, divination, socialization, convocation, cancellation, proliferation, communication, reforestation, irrigation, germination, intimation, confederation, unification, disintegration, disinflation, miscommunication, indication, misidentification, argumentation, elimination, provocation, reauthorization, trepidation, naturalization, ostentation, alleviation, gentrification, corp, sophistication, demobilization, imitation, desiccation, reputation, mediation, globalization, marginalization, computation, emulation, libration, summation, nationalization, operation, mineralization, appropriation, eradication, proclamation, expectation, gradation, recalculation, oration, unionization, calibration, rehabilitation, stagflation, taxation, emancipation, mummification, reinvigoration, recitation, deprivation, monopolization, termination, devaluation, dedication, exhilaration, escalation, decoration, christianization, communization, stalinization, relocation, vaporization, imputation, backwardation, interrogation, privatisation, orchestration, fascination, rotation, retaliation, importation, specification, implication, distillation, vaccination, reformation, consternation, miscreation, subsidization, equitation, fermentation, russification, reevaluation, incubation, ratification, ornamentation, separation, extrapolation, segmentation, conciliation, revitalization, inhalation, differentiation, nomination, extermination, depreciation, inoculation, refutation, misrepresentation, rehydration, propagation, remediation, gratification, advocation, restoration, experimentation, combination, justification, continuation, retardation, equivocation, domestication, exhalation, equalization, meditation, codification, degradation, reconsideration, starvation, inflammation, jubilation, inclination, revelation, revaluation, examination, exploitation, revocation, variation, deregulation, titillation, speculation;
  2. ration, nation, station, haitian;
  3. carnation, cessation, castration, causation, citation, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. abdication, activation, aberration, accusation, abrogation, acclimation;
  5. acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation, accommodation, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for formation:

Afrikaans words for Formation

afleidingsvorm, formasie, oprigting, vorming, formering.

Arabic word for Formation


Chinese word for Formation


Dutch words for Formation

formatie, afzetting, oprichting, opstelling, samenstelling, totstandkoming, ontstaan.

German words for Formation

Ansatz, Aufstellung, Anordnung, Gliederung, Gestaltung, bilden, Aufbau, Formgestaltung, Gebilde, Ausbildung, Bildung, Verband, Errichtung, Ausformung, Entstehung, Herausbildung, Schaffung, Formation, Formierung, Formung, Bodenschicht.

Greek word for Formation


Hindi word for Formation


Italian words for Formation

formazione, costituzione, composizione.

Javanese word for Formation


Korean word for Formation


Malay word for Formation


Norwegian word for Formation


Polish words for Formation

powstanie, tworzenie, stworzenie, utworzenie, formacja, szyk, powstawanie, kształtowanie, formowanie, ugrupowanie, uformowanie, twór.

Romanian word for Formation


Russian word for Formation


Spanish words for Formation

estructura, establecimiento.

Swedish word for Formation


Turkish word for Formation


Ukrainian word for Formation


Vietnamese word for Formation

hình thành.